GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 9 - June 2009

Catchspammers whileyousleep! It’sanamazingdevice– itwill wakeyouupwhena spammer postsonyour site inorder to makemoneyoff of yourhard work–and itwill be sharedwith theGPWAcommunity just as soonas it is ready.That’sonly oneof thepromises,opinions andprognostications thatour featuredaffiliates sharewithus in the latest roundof interviews. They liveandworkallover the world–Malta,Toronto,Athens, theU.S.Midwestand theU.S. LeftCoast–andcame toonline gamingbydifferentpaths.Their averageage is43.5years,andmost of themhavebeenwebmasters for awhilenow.Takea lookatwhat theyhave tosay.We thinkyou’ll learna thingor two. Due tospaceconstraints,wecannotprint the interviews in theirentirety. Wewillpost thecomplete GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES INTERVIEWWITH Lori | Daera “Don’tbe shy –ask forwhat youneed!” You describe your site, Hodge- podgeGamblingForum,as“anon- line gambling community with a listofrecommendedonlinecasinos andpokerroomsalongwithbonus and promotion information.” De- scribe theprocess that led to your settingupyoursiteasaforum. The Hodgepodge was originally set up and owned by a very good friend of mine, Jim, aka “Rakpakman.” The forumwas started January 14, 2000, onEzboard. IhelpedJimas amoderator of the forum. Some- whereabout2004,Jimgave the fo- rum tome when he found himself toobusywithhisoffline job. Inev- er planned on having a forum, or being awebmaster. As amatter of fact, I hadno ideawhat an affiliate wasor that therewasanymoney to be made as an affiliate back then. I always worked full-time offline and thought this was all for fun back then. Littledid Iknowwhat a lucrativebusiness thiswouldbe. For affiliates who are considering adding forums, what should they know about it before they make that decision? A successful forum takes a lot of time. People don’t