GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 9 - June 2009

48 Thiswebmaster isalsoamaster ofphotography You posted somewhere that you were born in western Germany. How did you get from there toAthens,andwhat stops came inbetween? Myparentswerefinan- cial Greek immigrants in West Germany in the mid-1960s. They met and married there.We came back toGreece, toAthens, when Iwassixyearsold. For many years you’ve been both a stu- dent and a professor of photography. Please tell us about that.Also,where can we see someof yourphotographicwork? Istudiedphotography,videoandnew tech- nologies in Athens and I was a freelance photographer till2005. Istill teachphotog- raphy. You can see some ofmy art photos in and many of my travel photos and in my travel guides. If someone is interested in becoming a good photographer, what two or three things do they absolutely need to do? First of all they have to study the work of all the masters of photography. They also have to learn how the light reacts in dif- ferent conditions, and of course theymust never forget to take photos every day and everywhere! Howdidyoumovefromphotographyinto onlinegambling? MyfirstWebsite,www., was dedicated to art photogra- phy. Self-educated in online marketing, I continuedbuildingWeb sites aboutmy in- terests in the arts, or travelguides forGreek islands likewww. Thewww.casinoinfo. gr was my next move as I am very much interested in casino games and I have fre- quentlyvisited land-basedcasinos. Doyougambleonline? If so,whatdoyou play? Yes, I gamble inmost of the online casinoplatformsand Iusuallyplayslots. How long was it before your gambling sites startedearningyoumoney? I start- ed four years ago in spring 2005 and I earnedmy first CPA payment for one player after two months and the first flat rate advertisment in the next five months. HowdidyoudiscovertheGPWA?Describe the difference for you between being a publicmember and a privatemember. I discovered the GPWAwhile searching for online courses about specific fields in on- linegamblingmarketing. TheGPWAhelps me inmanywayssuchas learningaboutthe industry from otherwebmasters. The next stepwas tobeaprivatemember,whichhas helpedme learnmoreand toestablishbet- ter relationswithmany affiliate programs. Itwasalsoveryuseful that Iworked toearn mysites theGPWASealofApproval. What’sthehardestthingaboutoperating your sites, andwhat annoys or distracts you the most when you’re trying to get someworkdone? Myhardesttime iswhen I don’t have a fast and stable Internet con- nection, which is very common inGreece. However, the most annoying situation is whenmyWebsiteshavehostingproblems. I can’t say anything about Google results because theyarealwayskindwithme. Howdoyouspendyourweekends? I love spending timewithmy childrenwhen they are in my house weekends. Otherwise I worka lot onbuildingnewWeb sites.Dur- ing the summer I usually travel on week- ends formy travelportals’needs. Ifyouhad topickfivekeys tosuccessasan affiliate,whatwould theybeandwhy? It’s difficult tochooseonlyfive,but let’ssay that asuccessfulaffiliatemustbeahard-working person,witha lotofpatience,writingalways original content based in his own experi- ence, always updatedwith a lot of research and reading about his industry andwith a goodknowlengeofhis targetedmarket. You’ve stated that for affiliates trying to reach a global audience, it is critical that their sites be carefully, profession- ally translated.Why is this so important? What isyouropinionof“automatic”trans- lations, suchas thoseofferedbyGoogle? I honestly believe that original content gives a portalWeb site a unique style. The same unique style alsomust be evident in the translations. The automatic transla- tions are not for seriouswebmasters. I am veryhappywhenanativeaffiliatemanager finds one ofmy global targetingWeb sites insearchengineresultsandhebelievesthat I am a native from another country, and I am very sadwhen I find that the gambling “slang” insomeof mynon-GreekWebsites isnot correct. Which countries areyour principal targets, anddoyouhaveanyplans toextendyour reach beyond those targeted markets? Right now my main market is the Greek audience fromall over theworld. I recently started tryingmywritingandSEO skillson Spanish, Italian andSouthAmerican audi- ences, and I have plans for reaching Ger- man,PolishandHungarianaudiences. HowdoestheGreekmarketforonlinegam- bling differ from other markets? Greek Internet marketing in general is still in its infancy. We grow very slowly in Internet usersand thatmeans thatwehaveapoten- tial even though it is a small increase year by year. We need twomore things to be a maturemarket. First of all, weneed to end the sportsbookmonopolyand secondly,we have to findways to attract Greeks to play onlinepoker. Wenoticedyouhave somebackgammon and rummy sites. How does marketing backgammon and rummy differ from marketing casinos and poker? I built theseWebsites justtobethere inthesearch engine results and to give visitors some unique articles asGreeks are familiarwith INTERVIEWWITH Dimitrios Asithianakis | casinoinfogr GPWA Times | GPWA Affiliate Interview Series