GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 9 - June 2009

50 INTERVIEWWITH Chris | pumacat Pumacatwants toknow:Are freespins really free? Howdidyoufirstbecome involved in the online gambling industry? I got involved in online gambling by hitting a banner for a free $10 at a real time gaming casino calledGoldenNileCasino.Freemoneyand a chance towin a big prize sounded great. If memory serves me correctly I believe I spent $700 and tried to cash out but was denied. With that I did some research on the casino and found a few gambling fo- rumswithclearwarningsabout thatpartic- ularcasino. I found thediscussions intrigu- inganddecidedIwould lovetoget involved in that type of business. Before that I had never gambled and was heavily involved in themusic scene as aDJ. Now as I get a bit older I am settled in the retail business full timeand inmy thirdyearwith thesame company. I am happywith theway things have turnedout. Do you gamble online? If so, what do you play? I love gambling online. It’s a great way to pass the time while getting a chance towin somebigmoney. I playa lot atGrandMondialCasinobecausetheyhave some great service and always paywhen I win. Gamblingonline also allowsme todo the necessary research I need to promote trustedcasinosonmysites. How longwas itbeforeyour sites started earning you money? If you are asking when Imademy first dollar you could say theveryfirstmonth I startedpromoting. If youareaskingwhenIstartedearningsome real income then I wouldhave to honestly answer never. I get a payment here and there for anice chunk of change but never hasanycasinoaffiliateprogramconsistent- ly paidme frommonth tomonth. I never count on earnings when budgeting for the real world. At the same time I wouldn’t havemany of thenice things I havenow if not forbeingasuccessful affiliate. Tell us about your new forumat Sam the CasinoMan.We understand its opening was delayeddue to anasty accident you had at home. Sam the Casino Man is a projectIamcurrentlyworkingonandyes it hasbeendelayeddue toa littlehead injury athome.Rather silly reallybut Ididhitmy headhard on a cement towel rack causing me to not be able to be on the computer forhoursat a time inorder tocomplete the forum and its portal. However, the build- ingprocess of Sam theCasinoManhas re- sumedandmy intentionsare tosimplycre- ate somethingdifferent. Ihave spenthours upon hours visiting other sites and having a look at what they offer. To me nothing really stands out thatmakes them unique. Nothingmakesmewant to return, and this is not meant to offend anybody because I know it’s hard to run a gambling related forumandWeb site. It simplymeans that I have to come upwith something very spe- cial toattractpeopleandgetthemtoreturn. This isnotdoneovernight; it takesmonths tosetupsomething likethis.Thewheelsare alwaysturning forme.Ihopeby itscomple- tion to have online gamblers from all over theworldsaying, “Wow!”andaffiliateswho visit saying, “Whydidn’t I thinkof that?” Oneofthe focusesofSamtheCasinoMan is slots tournaments.Whydidyoudecide to provide the tournament listings right on the home page? The decision to place slot tournaments right on the main page was simple. People love to play slots and don’twant to spenda lot ofmoney.Online gamblers includingmyself want to win as much as possible while spending the least amount ofmoney. Thisenablesmyvisitors todoboth. Another big part of Sam’s is the forum. Why did youdecide to offer a forum? A forum in my opinion is the most impor- tant part of any successful gaming site, hands down. It is by far the best way to interact with visitors and get them to re- turn to your site. A forum also allows you to place multiple listings of great casinos while warning players of less than honest casinos out there, all on the same page. Discussion is key in this business and a forum is the best way to achieve this. What’s themost difficult thingabout ad- ministering forums? Catching the spam- merswhileIsleep. I’veyet tocreateasleep- ing device that will allowme to wake up whena spammerhasposted inanattempt tomake somemoney onmy hardwork. I promise tosharewhen thedevice isready. What advice would you give someone starting out in the business, especially when it comes to promoting one’s sites? When you start out in the affiliate busi- ness be sure to do extensive research first beforepromoting any casino, bingohall or onlinepokerroom.Notallprogramscanbe trusted,anddoingafewmonthsofresearch willsaveanyaffiliatea lotoftime inthe long run.When it comes topromotinganyWeb site be sure to have a plan. Use places like Twitter, YouTube and dedicated areas in other gambling-related forums topromote your site. You may not see results right away but I promise any affiliate that over timepeoplewillcomeand theywilldeposit. Under no circumstance should an affiliate starting out spam other sites (forums) in anattempt togetpeopleover toanew site. Burningbridgesearlywillcauseaquickexit from this business, and all your hardwork will be for nothing. Joining popular linked sites like thePaydayJoe’s grouporfinding another link program that you likewill in- creaseyour trafficaswell. You recently came down hard on free- spin promos that are used for getting newplayerstosignup.What’swrongwith thesepromos? The free spinpromo is by far the dumbest promotion to ever hit our industry.Free is free, right?Idon’tseeany- thing freeabout these typesof promotions. Every single one of them requires that you deposit. The “Keep what you win” quote found onmany of these promos is an out- right lieandshouldnotbeallowed.Casinos who offer this aremisleading their players while at the same time causing affiliates to lookbad. Tome there isno such thingas a free chip anymore. Let’s take an example: “Billy’sCasino”offersallnewplayers$5000 free and one hour to win as much as you can. So far so good. During that hour you win$2000andaccording to theadvertise- mentyoucankeep thatmoneybecauseyou wonit.Butholdon.Nowthecasinoistelling you that thatmoney actuallyhas tomeet a play-throughrequirementof20x thebonus before a cash-out can bemade. Well, OK, stillsounds likeaprettygooddeal.But then here is the kick in the ass. The casinonow requires you to deposit $20 or $50 before GPWA Times | GPWA Affiliate Interview Series