GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 10 - Sept 2009

65 :: GPWA Times What doyouknownowabout the indus- try that youwishyou’dknownwhenyou gotstarted? Tobehonest,whenIstartedI knew absolutelynothing about the gaming industry.Onceyou startworking, you start to understand how to attract players, how to talk tomanagersandmakegoodfirst im- pressions. If youhad topick five keys to success as anaffiliate,whatwould theybeandwhy? Hard work, honesty, ability to commu- nicate, tenacity and the ability to be self- taught. I think these qualities are a necessity for anyone who wants to accomplish some- thing, regardless ofwhether it’s an affiliate businessorsomeotherenterprise. Inyouropinion,whatmakesagoodaffili- atemanager? I think that a good affiliate manager provides support to affiliates and offers quality advice tohelp themdevelop. In general I think affiliates and affiliate managersneedtobefriends,and ifanaffili- ate runs intoaproblem themanagerneeds tobe there tooffer support. Thatwouldbe mydefinitionofagoodaffiliatemanager. If someonewas cooking the perfect din- ner for you, what would you want? And why? As long as the person making me dinnerdid itwith love, Iwouldn’tcarewhat itwas. The fact that theyput insomuchef- fortwouldbe the important thing forme. What’s one gadget or toy you wouldn’t wantto livewithout? Itwouldbeverybor- ingto livewithoutabrain,butotherwise it’s probablymycomputer. Finally,pleasetellusthreethingsthatno- bodyknowsaboutyou. Iweigh220 lbs., I’m6 ft. tall, I’m abig, healthy person and I don’t drink or smoke. I lived inKazakhstan for18years. Iwant tohuntwildboar. (Translated from theRussianbyPaulMogilevsky) 1) 2) 3) Age: 21 Hometown: Aktay, Kazakhstan City currently residing in: Rostov-on-Don, Russia Favorite food: Mom’s home cooking One book everyonemust read: RichDad, Poor Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki Sites: PokerLove.Ru , GPWA Affiliate Interview Series