GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 10 - Sept 2009

66 GPWA Times :: Age: 47 Hometown: Bristol, CT City currently residing in: Bristol Favorite food: Anything Italian One book everyonemust read: The Stand, by Stephen King Sites: Triple777s Gambling Forum Pat Chapdelaine | giggles7p INTERVIEWWITH GPWA Affiliate Interview Series DON’TGET GIGGLES STARTEDON GADGETS You’ve got a pretty wild-looking avatar. What’sgoingon there? Whatdoyou think isgoingon there? Iama47-year-oldwom- anwho is at herpeak sexually–need I say more? Tell us about your three sites and how they developed. Which one came first? Wheredo Istart?Well,when Ifirstentered online gaming it was as a player. I started noticing that there were places that you could go online that offered contests, free chips andbonuses to someof the casinos I frequented.“TheHidingPlace”wasthefirst onewhere Ibecameamember at andafter awhile I was offered a “moderator” posi- tion, and that led to other sites and other moderator jobs. Thenoneday Iwas runninga contest for a gambling forumwith “CasinoGrandBay,” where themanager at the time was Mark Woods.Withhishelpandguidance I start- edTriple777s,andthatwassevenyearsago. Then I startedmyfirst “portal,” Triple777s Casino Gambling Guide. Then BB1 came intomy life. He and a silent partner start- ed up the Gambling Affiliate Place and he askedme if Iwanted toworkwithhim, and it’s thebest thing Ihavedone! Whatwereyoudoingbeforeyoubecame an online gambling affiliate? Before I entered this business I was a “Soft Lines Manager” forAmes (adepartment store), and I would probably still be with them if they didn’t go bankrupt. Before that I workedwith truck drivers! Now that is a whole other story! I traveled all over the U.S.A. driving a “flag car” for “oversized load trucks” that were transporting “Modular Homes.” It was a great job for a single mom with two small children. I didn’t need a babysitter or daycare, and they traveled withme until they hit school age. Itwas cashpaiddaily, and the tripswere fantastic! And that’swheremy username “giggles” came from, on theCB radio! Operating forumshasbeenan important part of your career and success. What’s themost difficult thing about operating a forum? Thismaynot beapopular opin- ion for some, but I truly believe to have a successful gambling forum you need sponsors. If youdonot have casinos, bin- go halls or poker rooms that are willing to sponsor contests for your site, youwill nevermake the“big”money thatother fo- rumownersdo. Whatdoyou likeabouttheGPWA? Ihave a LOT to learn still in this business, and between GPWA and CAP, I was starting to feel equal to some ofmy peers because of their generous nature and time spent explaining things tome. And then some- thing went wrong at CAP and I started spending all my time here at GPWA and getting to know everyone better, and I just love everyone to death. It’s priceless the knowledge that comes out of this site; therearea fewmembershere that I swear are at a genius level! Coming to sites like GPWA helps you find your area of exper- tise and guides you to your future with friendly people and support from all over theworld. It’sawesome! Youhavetwosons,oneofwhom is in Iraq. Ishebackhomeyet? He isbackStateside! That has been one of the hardest times in my life, watching my youngest go to Iraq “TWICE”… I couldn’t breathe the whole time hewas gone.When Iwould talkwith him on the phone he would tell me, “It’s not that bad, the people are nice, and they don’thateusasmuchasreported.”Butyou know they are in danger – he just didn’t want to worryme. On a funny and ironic note,my son is in theAir Force, andguess wherehe is stationed?LASVEGAS,BABY! Canyoubelieve the irony?Andbetteryet, I haveneverbeen toVegas! If you left online gaming today and you could be doing anything you wanted to do, what would it be? I think everyone who knowsme at GPWA can answer this one forme! Iwouldopenupmyownani- mal rescue foundation. I plan on doing this in the future, some kind of animal rescue, rehabilitation, etc. My life is not complete if there are not animals includ- ed, all animals–except spiders! You’ve mentioned you’re a big gadget person. Besides air-conditioning, what’s your favorite gadget? Hahahaha, now if this isn’t a loaded question, I don’t knowwhat is! Are you trying to getme in trouble? Lol My favorite gadgets, umm. Well, if they made a generator-powered “French tickler” that would be on the top of my list! Lol Cell phone, CP, DVD player, CD player, digital camera, Magic Bullet kitchengadget, telescope…. Finally,pleasetellusthreethingsthatno- bodyknowsaboutyou. Iplay theclarinetandsaxophone. I love todraw. Isecretlywould lovetodosomestand-up comedy! 1) 2) 3)