GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 12 - April 2010

Rob Cook | FictionNet (continued from page 49) I’ve got the easiest job in the world. and theydon’t reallyunderstandwhat Idoex- cept it’s “something to do with casinos.” Someof them think it’s something “really dodgy.” I’ve kinda given up trying to ex- plain it now. What advice can you offer people who are just startingup in the industry? Find anangle.This industry is fiercelycompet- itive and it’s going to takework and time and lots of energy if you’re going to stick around. Don’t make another casino di- rectory site that recommends a few casinos and bonuses and expect anyone to find it. Spe- cialize in something and you’ll bebetter at it. I recommend trying to build your site gradually. I’ve often made themistake of starting a newprojectbefore I’ve finished anoldone, and this can lead to a Web site never feeling quite finished. If you had to pick five keys to success as an affiliate, what would they be, and why? Pro- mote goodmerchants. It’s bet- ter topromoteagoodmerchant at 25% than a bad one at 50%. Yourplayerswill bemore likely to return and you are more likely toget fullypaid. Update your site. Now do it again. Search engines like regularly updated content. Be- ing fresh and relevant is also important for visitors. Many people don’t trust online pay- ments and even more people don’t trust online casinos. Having a “re- cent news” headline from 2005 on your homepage isn’t going to convince your visitors tograb their credit card. Check your bonuses. Are you still listing the casino’s current bonus? Telling the visitor they can get a £500 bonus only for them to find out it’s now£100 isn’t a greatway to convert the sale. Work in the industry you enjoy. Are you passionate about gambling? If not, find something else topromote. You’ll be bet- ter at it, you’ll enjoy it more and you’ll makemoremoney. Go to a conference. Youdon’t need to go to themallbutdomake theeffort toget to one. It’ll help. How long did it take before you started earning money? Pretty much straight- awaybut I think Ihit theground running. The money wasn’t huge but it was regu- lar. I think Igot luckyand if Iwasstarting out now, I’d expect a period of at least a fewmonths without generating much in thewayof income. What’s your favorite vacation spot, and why? Vegas. Vegas. Vegas. I adore the place. It’s just . . . awesome. What’s your favorite movie? Ooh, so many. “Goodfellas” and “Casino” would have to be up there. Most things by Tar- antino are awesome (except “Kill Bill,” which suckedbig time). If you could have one “super power,”what would it be, and why? The power to read oth- er online poker players’ hole cards. ThatwouldbeAbsolute- lyawesome. If youwere able to sit down to dinner with any five people, livingordead,whowould they be, andwhy? Richard Branson because he seems to do things differentlyand there’dbemuch to learn. Freddie Mercury be- causehewas such ahuge char- acter. GordonRamsay because he could cook the dinner and he’spossibly theonlyhumanon Earthwho says “fuck” asmuch as I do. KylieMinogue because she’s hot and I’d try to get her drunk. My daughter, Kimber- ley– Idon’t spendenough time withher. What are three things that no- bodyknowsabout you? Hmm. Don’t think there’s much that nobodyknowsaboutme.Noth- ing I’m going to share here, anyway! 50 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series