GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 12 - April 2010

51 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series Forszury,being multi-lingual translates into muchodinero Your sites,DizzyPokerandDepositPoker, are both built around online poker, but DizzyPoker alsopromotes bingo and ca- sinosandhasaforum.Whichsiterequires moreof your time?Whichbrings inmore revenue – poker, casinos or bingo? Diz- zyPoker ismymain site. I havenotworked onDeposit Poker for a long time as I have other,more importantprojects toworkon. I hadnosuccesswithbingo, casinobroughta fewdepositors,butpoker ismymainsource of income.By theway, I alsohavea rummy site. I’vehaddecentsuccesswith that. You’ve been a GPWA member for more than two years. How has the GPWA helpedyouoverthattimespan? I’vedone businesswithsomeof themembersof the GPWA forum.GPWAalsokeepsmeup to datewithpoker affiliatenews. Howhasbeingable todisplay theGPWA Approved Portal seal helped you? The GPWA seal has a special importance to me. My visitors have more trust in my Web site when they see the GPWA seal. Thanks for existing! You recently posted that your 2009 rev- enue was more than 50 percent higher than your 2008 revenue. What factors do you feel were responsible for the in- crease? Yes, itwasmore than50%. There wasonlyone factor: Imet therightperson whogaveme the right pokerbonuses. HowdidyoupickyourcoolGPWAavatar? It’sakindof lonelywarrior. Itwasa com- pletely randompick. Do you work full-time as a webmaster? I am a student and inmy “spare time” I workonmyWebsites.Youcancall it full- time. Do you use a content man- agement system tomanage your site? Which content management system do your prefer?Andwhy? I am using PHP-Fusion on one of my sites. I had actually wanted to use Joomla! first but had a free hosting ac- count back then, sounfortu- nately I chose PHP-Fusion. If I could start again Iwould go for WordPress. Joomla! isgoodbutconsumesa lotof resources.WP is a lot faster andeasy to customize. English is your second lan- guage, but is also the lan- guageyouuseonbothof yourWeb sites. Howdifficult is it for you towork inyour second language? Hungarian is my na- tive language, Romanian – the official language in my country – is my second language and I have studied English, German, Japanese and recently Spanish. So there are a lot of languages. I’ve been studying English for 14 years but my ac- cent is not very good. I (hope I) have no problemswhenwriting. Do you have any plans to develop Hun- garian-language sites? No, I have no plans todevelopHungarian sites. Ihavea RomanianDizzyPoker site, though, anda Germanmini site. Iwill focusonmyEng- lish site in the future. What is the one thing youwish you had known before becoming an online gam- ing affiliate? As said before, I shouldn’t have chosen PHP-Fusion as my CMS. WP or Joomla! would have been a better pick. Timemanagementisoneofthebiggestis- sues facingaffiliates.What timemanage- ment tips can youoffer your fellowweb- masters? If you are busy with family and friendsmybest tip is towork late at night. Sometimes Iworkuntil3a.m.,usuallyuntil 1-2a.m. Strangely that is the best time for me to concentrate as nobody disturbsme. Ifyouhavea job, tryoutsourcing. What doyour friends and family thinkof yourworkasanaffiliate? My friendskeep askingmewhy I haven’t gotten a real job by now to earn some serious money. I usually tell them that Iamhappywithmy online business. My family is very happy about thisbusiness. What advice can you offer people who are just startingup in the industry? Play by the rules; otherwise you are going to fail. Build a newsletter list. Just imag- ine what would happen if next week every poker room would open their doors to U.S. players and you had 5,000 subscribers. Buyapaidhost as soonaspossible. Connect with other affiliates and af- filiatemanagers(thishelpedmegrow my incomebymore than50%). LearnSEO. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Robert | szury Age: 23 Hometown: Zalau, Romania Currently residing in: Cluj-Napoca, Romania Favorite food: Pizza One book everyonemust read: Be Faithful UntoDeath, byMóricz Zsigmond (Hungarian) Sites:,