GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 13 - June 2010

Howdoyoumanageyour“to-do”lists?Do youuseany special software tohelpyou out? No. I am pretty chaotic in my way of working. I prefer towork from a list of work inmyhead, insteadofwritten-down “to-do” lists. The great advantage about this way of working is that your mind automatically prioritizes things. The first “to-do” your mind is thinking of is often themost important one. Who do you think is going to win the WorldCup this summer?Andwhy? Defi- nitelyHolland. It isabout timewebecome world champion! We often play the best football during the tourney, but always forget to take home the cup. Hopefully thingswill bedifferent this year. If you could sit down to dinner with any fivepeople,livingordead,whowouldthey be, andwhy? Richard Branson is one of myheroes.Hisautobiography LosingMy Virginity tells the whole story about this self-mademan, and shows thepossibility tobothhavegreat success inbusinessand have lots of fun meanwhile. During my internship in SouthAfrica I learned a lot about the great accomplishments of Nel- sonMandela, and what an amazing per- son he is, so I would definitely add him to the dinner table. I also would love to have somewords with President Obama, so hewill be invited aswell. The remain- ing spots Iwould fillwithCharlesDarwin to hear about his great adventures, and JimMorrison from The Doors because I lovehismusic. When you need to get as far away from workaspossible,wheredoyougo? Nev- er really thought about this question. I think the best way to forget about work and clearmymind for amoment is todo sports. I like to play tennis, football or squash; this is agreatway to relax. Ifyouhadtopickfivekeystosuccessasan affiliate,whatwould theybe,andwhy? Creativity. Don’t just copy; think about newways to attract an audience. If you get agreat idea that is genuinelydiffer- ent from the rest, you could be sitting onapot of gold. Dedication. Especially for new affili- ates, be prepared to work hard for it until things start to come together. Get involved. Spend some time at communities such as the GPWA. Ev- eryminute you put inwill be returned times two. Also try to attend a confer- enceeverynowand then. SEO knowledge. After all, we all try to ranknumber one inGoogle. Persistence. Don’t give upwhen things donot seem to turnyourway. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Age: 25 Hometown: Amsterdam, theNetherlands Currently residing in: Amsterdam Favorite food: Tortellini Onebookeveryonemust read: The4-HourWorkweek , byTimothyFerriss Sites:,,, 57 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series