GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 14 - October 2010

G one too soon. That describes my good friend Lou Fabiano. Born on August 27, 1963 and laid to rest on August 24, 2010. He had a passion for online marketing and began his journey in 1998 before most of us even knew what an iGaming affiliate was. Lou was called “The Professor” not only because he was so very knowledgeable about our industry but also because he was willing to share his knowledge with everyone. He was an extraordinarily generous man who seemed to want to help anyone who needed something, as demonstrated by his profile at CAP. Total Posts: 12,336. Posts per day: 4.48. He focused mainly on the affiliate side of the business and was responsible for organizing some of the best affiliate conferences I ever attended. Going to these events allowed many of us to experience for the first time the excitement and benefits of traveling around the world and seeing firsthand all that being in the industry offered. CAP is where I discovered a lot of valuable information about being a successful affiliate even before joining the staff. The amount of information that could be found in the forums was overwhelming but very helpful. I had the privilege of being a moderator at CAP, which Lou founded on February 22, 2003 and was involved with until his departure as administrator on July 16, 2009. He was an awesome person to work for; he let me be me even though sometimes it was not the popular thing to do. I first met Lou in person while attending CAP Spring Break in the Bahamas in 2006. I can still remember when he walked up to me and introduced himself because at that moment I was caught in a dilemma: my “fur kid” back at home was experiencing separation anxiety, which I must admit was also affecting me. I wanted to leave the conference a day early, and Lou was one of the few who did not laugh out loud when I told them. He understood why I wanted to leave the Bahamas and skip the golf tournament I was supposed to participate in. Lou tried his very best to build a new business, but the global recession was just too much, as it has been for many of us, and things started to become more difficult, causing depression to set in and take its toll on him. Within one month of losing his best friend, Allan Leonard, Lou went to join the Captain in a better place. Lou was quick to ask, “Where’s the cabbage?” and now, Lou, I’m hopeful that the cabbage patch is green and overflowing with all that you need. Rest in peace, my friend, and may God bless you and your family. By Robin Kendrick (GamTrak) LOU FABIANO 1963-2010 In Memory of The Professor 69 In memory of the Professor