GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 15 - January 2011

JUSTIN PROVAZNIK Slotland Affiliates MEET THE AFFILIATE MANAGERS For issue 15, we present four of the industry’s hardest-working affiliate managers. Meet Justin Provaznik of Slotland Affiliates, who appreciates efforts by affiliates to keep players up to date; George Aristodimou of EGO, where strong affiliate partnerships have contributed to fast growth; Martin Basl of Jetbull, which he describes as progressive and offering great opportunities and challenges; and James Woods of bet365, who believes that acting professionally and responding promptly to affiliates are requirements for the job. These dedicated managers are getting the job done for their affiliates. Read their stories – maybe you’ll decide to let them go to work for you! Slotland Affiliates represents two brands that specialize in offering slots –Win A Day Casino and Slot- land. What makes these two sites unique? Everything is developed in house, and all of our games are unique. Our in-house design team is really innovative. I don’t think anyone has told them what an on- line slot machine is supposed to look like – they’ve come up with some really original concepts and they’ve added their own twists to the usual slot machine themes like genies and pyramids. All the new games are brilliant, full-screen Flash games that really leap off the screen. The other thing that makes Slotland and Win A Day unique is custom- er service. Our players know that every com- ment they make about their experience is taken totally seriously. I think that’s the main reason we have such high re- tention rates. How is marketing a slots site different from marketing a site that offers a full slate of gaming options? Most of our regular players are expert slots players. We have to think like them. We have to know what incentives and bonuses will ap- peal to them most. To attract and retain players you need to become an expert because when you do, your players show their apprecia- tion by their loyalty. Slotland doesn’t offer any poker, bingo or sports betting. Is it more difficult to attract players without the other offerings? People come to Slotland and Win A Day look- ing very specifically for slots and video poker games. When they get to our sites, they find the coolest slot machines they’ve seen on any of the sites they’ve been checking out and they soon discover that we are nice people who treat our players really well. We do have some casino games other than slots – keno, roulette and some video poker. We find that even the most avid slots player likes a change of pace once in awhile and likes to take a break on a differ- ent kind of game. But for the most part, our players love slots. That’s what they came for, and that’s what we do really well. What do you think the three greatest challenges facing the industry are right now? And what would you do to solve them? The global economy has certainly af- fected everyone. Most of our players are still playing, but many aren’t spending quite as much. We don’t want them spending more than they can afford to spend, so that’s really a good thing. I think we’ll see an improvement in 2011. Different regulations in differ- ent countries always had an im- pact, but they’re a bigger pain in butt than ever before. That brings many challenges, and it greatly influences how this industry is seen through the eyes of an exter- nal observer. I think coming up with better and better games is always going to be one of the basic challenges in this business. Players are always eager to see what you’ll come up with next. It becomes more and more challenging to impress them but we’ve been doing pretty well for more than 12 years now. If Slotland Affiliates discovers someone is spamming to pro- mote your brands, what steps will be taken to stop the spamming? If that happened the first thing we’d do is get in touch with the af- filiate, try to get them on the right track and talk to them about much more effective marketing tech- niques. We’re here to help our af- filiates, not shut them down, but since this is such a serious issue we wouldn’t hesitate to freeze an account if they persisted. How long do you give yourself for responding to e-mail? And what e-mail management tips can you offer? When I started I was pretty bad with reply times (sorry!) but I’m getting continuously better. I always try to sort and reply to e- mail between other tasks so no one ever waits too long for a reply. I think the key is to constantly keep up with incoming e-mail – delet- ing, sorting, replying and prioritiz- ing. If my inbox gets too full some- thing is bound to get overlooked. In your mind, what’s more diffi- cult, attracting players or retain- ing them? Our teams work hard to make sure players are satisfied and happy to come back. Many of them have been with us for more “To attract and retain players you need to become an expert because when you do, your players show their appreciation by their loyalty.” 54 Affiliate Manager Interview Series