GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 15 - January 2011

What distinguishes EGO from other af- filiate programs? EGO offers a com- plete package – something few affiliate programs do. When affiliates sign up to our program they will have access to in- dustry-leading software (comprehen- sive reporting and marketing tools) and commissions, country affiliate manager support and prompt and secure monthly payments. We don’t just say we will offer a better commission, we do it. This along with our reputable brands has allowed us to establish strong and lasting affiliate partnerships which have contributed to our program’s fast growth. For this rea- son I would like to thank all our affiliates for their support and hard work because without them we would not have achieved the success we have. You’ve also promoted Poker4Ever, Action Poker and Tiger Gaming. What lessons did you learn at those programs, and how have they affected you at EGO? I was doing media buying for Poker4Ever, Action Poker and Tiger Gaming instead of affiliation, but if there is one thing that I learned it’s that to be successful in this business you have to work hard and gain the respect of those you work with through trust and reliability. Affiliates need to know that you will look after their interest – whether it’s resolving a query or relying on you for creatives. You went to college at the University of Toronto at Scarborough. What did you study there, and how did you eventually end up in Cyprus? I studied Political Sci- ence at UofT. After I finished my degree, I worked for a few years in Toronto and then I decided that it was time for a change. I needed a change from the weather, the long rides to work and the big-city life. I had relatives in Cyprus, so I decided to make the move and try out the Mediter- ranean life. Living on an island has been a big change but a good change – especially the sun, and the beach. What advice do you have for someone just starting in the industry? Be moti- vated, work hard and be patient and hon- est. I think these are the ingredients to get on the road to a successful career in this industry. And try to attend as many conferences as you can to establish new partnerships, personalize your existing partnerships and most importantly, take advantage of the free sponsored drinks – reward yourself for the hard work you have been doing! People in the online gambling industry have been known to party. What’s your best party story? There are a lot party stories – I just can’t recall them. Drink moderately! What is your favorite movie? Star Wars (premiere) because it revolutionized spe- cial effects and science fiction and kept you on the edge of your seat. If you had a theme song,what would it be? “Eye of the Tiger,” from Rocky – inspira- tional song. If you could change one thing about the online gaming industry,what would it be? Dishonesty – this exists to some extent in every industry but I would still like to see this eliminated in the online gaming industry, where agreements are done between people who are thousands of miles apart. If people are visiting you in Cyprus, what’s the one place you have to take them to see? Some of the ancient sites (Greco-Ro- man) such as the Temple of Apollo, the Kourion Theatre, the Troodos mountain range (including Mount Olympus, with a height of 1,951 meters) and some of the great beaches. Affiliate Manager Interview Series