GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 15 - January 2011

How did you get involved in the online gambling industry? And why did you choose to join the Jetbull team? In December 2004 I started my first sports-betting- related Web site. There were just a couple of online bookmakers in the Czech market back then, but I knew there would be many more in the years to come. I was in con- tact with a couple of bookmak- ers and in the summer of 2005 I started working for an Austrian sportsbook. I ended up working with them for more than five years. I decided to join the Jet- bull team because Jet- bull is a very progressive company and there are many great opportunities and challenges ahead. I have been working very closely with affiliate part- ners during the past five years, but there is still much to learn so I am re- ally happy to be part of the Jetbull team. Jetbull Affiliate launched a new Web site earlier this year.Why did you re- launch the site, and what has the feedback been? Jetbull has been around for five years and the business had outgrown its previous systems and infrastructure. The new Jetbull Affiliate site was developed in tandemwith new sportsbook, casino and poker sites. It made perfect sense to refresh the entire offering when going through such a massive project. We are extremely happy with the response from all our partners, both new and old. Being an es- tablished business with a lot of experience, we were fortunate not to make any major mistakes or experience any serious “teething problems.” All in all, we are very satisfied, and that is reinforced in the response from all partners. Does Jetbull view itself as a sports- book first, with casino and poker coming afterwards? Or does it view all three brands equally? Jetbull launched as a pure sportsbook and then added casino. However, since the relaunch of the business, with all-new back ends, we now view ourselves as a provider of world- class gaming and wagering servic- es. Our new casino is growing rap- idly, our sportsbook is going from strength to strength and our new poker room has really taken off. And there will surely be additional gaming products coming soon that will further establish us as a true multi-product destination. Your casino is powered by NetEnt software. And your poker room is on the Cake Network.Why did you go with different software pro- viders for your casino and poker products? And how pleased are you with the results so far? We really like NetEnt, both from a player’s perspective and also for the back-end functionality. Their development roadmap is really exciting, with lots of new, cool games coming online, and the growth in our casino is testament that our players really like it, too. Cake Poker Network is not the biggest but it has perhaps the best loyalty program on the market today. Along with sufficient li- quidity and attractive tournament offerings, a unique and generous loyalty program is in our opinion essential to extract maximum life- time value as well as maximize the benefits and enjoyment for the player. What’s the average age of your players? And what’s the male/fe- male ratio? The average age var- ies dramatically from country to country, but our global average age is 26. We, like most operators, have a majority of men but our casino is pretty evenly matched, with 48 percent women! Formula 1 star David Coulthard is a Jetbull ambassador. Has there been an increase in business or traffic since this was announced? What has Coulthard done for you? Obviously, working with David has beeninstrumentalinincreasingthe visibility of Jetbull and ultimately the traffic. We have worked with David (or DC, as he’s known) for over a year now and he’s featured in a wide range of campaigns and promos both on and offline. Going forward, we will bring our players closer to DC by offering opportuni- ties to win F1 packages, exclusive casino experiences, poker tourna- ments and several other events. We also have a lot of unique and very cool F1 merchandise that our players can win. It is a great part- nership and we are very pleased to have DC on our team. What doyou think the threegreat- est challenges facing the industry are right now? And what would you do to solve them? Taxation and regulatory in- stability. France’s draconian taxation regime, Italy’s selec- tive legislation and the myriad of different regulatory frame- works make compliance in all European markets increasingly difficult. Increased unequal competition. For example, we are not able to compete with PokerStars or Full Tilt; they don’t follow the same rules as we do. This inequality must be dealt with as it is not sustainable in the long run. Mobile gaming. There is still a long way to go before the mo- bile platform can match the cur- rent online market, especially in terms of payments, risk/fraud, etc. This is an area of particu- lar importance to Jetbull as we believe mobile gaming will help us increase market share in our target markets. 1. 2. 3. MARTIN BASL Jetbull “ I decided to join t he Jetbull team because Jetbull is a very progres- sive company and there are many great op- portunities and c hallenges ahead. I have been working very cl osely with affili- a te partners dur- ing the past five years, but there is still much to learn .” 58 Affiliate Manager Interview Series