GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 18 - October 2011

2,932 Full Tilt Poker We will have a statement on when and how American players will receive their funds in the coming days. We realize that there have been some unfortunate delays in payment for our non-American players as a result of the events of April 15. We apologize for those delays and will pay our players as quickly as we can. In the meantime, why not jump into a game on the Rush Poker tables? June 15 · Like Tom Dwan Guys, don’t leave me hanging. $1 million is a lot of money. Chris Ferguson Headed to the barber shop. Nobody will recognize me with short hair. Alderney Gambling Control Commission Due to a lack of payment of player funds, we have suspended Full Tilt Poker’s license. We will hold a public hearing on the Full Tilt situation on July 26. June 29 · Like Howard Lederer If you ever want that £250,000 in licensing fees we owe you, I’d reconsider whether or not you want to make that meeting public. Full Tilt Poker The system is currently down for maintenance. Please check back soon! June 29 · Like Caesars Interactive Entertainment likes this . DOJ Maintenance my ass! Oh boy, this is getting good. Kahnawake Gaming Commission So . . . you guys wanna think about renewing your secondary license here? Jack Binion I’m not touching this company with a 10-foot pole. Poker Players Alliance We are doing everything we can to advocate for the return of player funds. Bill Frist Hey PPA, remember when you said that the UIGEA wouldn’t be effective? Tell me how my ass tastes . . . Howard Lederer is in Tijuana with Chris Ferguson June 30 · Like Howard Lederer Glad I built those tunnels underneath my $2.9 million Las Vegas mansion! Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker are now friends. Phil Ivey and Full Tilt Poker are in a relationship and it’s complicated. July 1 · Like Alleged European Investors So you guys are finally going to listen to him, then? 10 Full Tilt Poker’s (Fake) Facebook Wall