GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 18 - October 2011

172 Alderney Gambling Control Commission We decided to adjourn the hearing as it is in the best interests of FTP’s customers, allowing FTP licensees to further pursue advanced commercial negotiations which could lead to a more beneficial outcome for player interests. July 27 · Like Howard Lederer Nice hand, well played. Alderney Gambling Control Commission Got that £250K – thanks, HL! Harry Demetriou WHAT ABOUT THE INTERESTS OF THE PLAYERS? WHY ARE YOU PROTECTING THIS CORRUPT COMPANY? Full Tilt Poker The exclusivity period of our negotiations has ended, and we are now discussing a deal with other potential investors. We apologize for our lack of communication, but we look forward to being able to get you back on the Rush Poker tables as soon as possible. Oh yeah, and hopefully we’ll find a way to get you your money back, too. August 22 · Like Alleged European Investors You’re delaying the inevitable. Oh yeah, we’re dropping our offer by 15 percent, and Ray Bitar needs to go. Ray Bitar Haters gonna hate. Tom Dwan Wow, I can’t believe I said I’d pay out $1 million of my own money . . . 11 Full Tilt Poker’s (Fake) Facebook Wall