GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 18 - October 2011

FROM THE GPWA FORUMS O ne thing you won’t find often find on the GPWA forums when it comes to predictions about the future is consensus. But you will find a spirited debate! In this thread from mid- July, opposing views on the future success of mobile gaming are explored, with plenty of good arguments from affiliates who argue both sides of the issue. Who’s right? Only time will tell ... but some of these affiliates will be looking to claim bragging rights five years from now! 20 July 2011 6:42 am #1 Dean_Leyland I wanted to get everyone’s views on this. Where do you see our industry in 3, 5 or even 10 years time? To add my two pence (cents for you Americans), I see the industry a little less crowded than it is right now. Or at least, that’s what I am hoping for. Right now there are so many new programmes launching that it is difficult for most to keep up - certainly me. I think to use an old cliché, the cream will rise to the top and the best programmes will display their longevity in this industry by seeing off the many rogue operators out there. I also think mobile will have a big say in how things pan out. Right now, the buzzword is most definitely mobile. Everyone is scrapping to [get] their iPhone, iPad and Android apps out there but I don’t really see the marketing and promotion of these apps being fully developed yet. The next few years will see mobile marketing strategies put in place and evolved over time. Those are my humble opinions, rightly or wrongly. What are yours? TheGooner Mobile? Really? I guess that there is a time and a place for a good mobile application - but I’m not sure whether gambling for money is REALLY it. I see a lot of hype - a lot of start-ups - but little REAL traction in the mobile gambling space. Perhaps you could make a case for an impromptu sports bet from fans actually at the game - but surely that casual market is only a very small percentage of the overall betting take on the event. I also cannot imagine serious poker players preferring the small screen and lack of info of the mobile platform ahead of their PC/laptop when it comes to making money on the felt. And I really do not see the experience of mobile casino being superior to the PC experience either. If you are gambling cash via your mobile on a regular basis - then you probably need a visit to Gambling Anonymous. 20 July 2011 7:02 am #2 20 July 2011 7:08 am #3 Dean_Leyland With the massive increase in use of tablets, mobile isn’t just small screens and casual betting. iPad/Android tablet apps are a real alternative to betting online. It’s only a matter of time before serious poker, casino and bingo apps are being released for these devices. Oh and believe me, serious money is coming into sportsbetting companies via mobile betting. TheGooner I won’t believe you . . . well . . . not unless of course you can point me to some reliable metrics. Quote some stats and a reliable source for them, please, Mr. Leyland . . . I’m always keen to read the facts. . . . 20 July 2011 7:02 am #4 Universal4 20 July 2011 12:59 pm #5 I tend to agree with both schools of thought on this. . . . I too think that most casino apps have fallen quite short and just can’t see the mass market getting excited about gambling a lot on a phone. From the GPWA forums