GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 18 - October 2011

Jarvi The increase in mobile eCommerce tends to indicate that people are willing to compromise in screen size/quality, etc., so perhaps that might translate to other industries too. Personally, I can’t work out why anyone would shop online using a smartphone if needed to browse for products or services; however, obviously it is a growing trend among many users. Can definitely see more use for sports than casinos at the moment, with in-game betting being one example 20 July 2011 1:36 pm #6 Jarvi And a few numbers from Ladbrokes for the first 3 months of 2011: - 18% of customers bet using mobile - 11% of total sportsbook amounts staked were from mobile - 11% of new digital sign-ups were via mobile Source - Juniper Research 20 July 2011 1:42 pm #7 Nsawins I hate buying anything on mobile or even using an iPad. I use a BlackBerry for news and e-mail only and only if I am away from my laptop. Having said that, the younger crowd (i.e., 25 and younger) absolutely loves the tablets and mobile devices and I can definitely see the percentage of new accounts being opened in the future continuing to increase on the mobile platforms. 20 July 2011 1:51 pm #8 Alexpratt Couple of interesting stats I saw lately: Just over 40% of Facebook traffic is now mobile so if your brand has a presence in fb and they are clicking through you better make sure your site is optimised for mobile. Morgan Stanley have said within 18 months mobile browsing will overtake desktop browsing. 20 July 2011 2:06 pm #9 Muppet Personally I am as underwhelmed as TheGooner is with mobile gambling (referring mainly to phones here; tablets are different and you can hardly carry one in your pocket). I just don’t see the attraction at all except for maybe betting on a game when I am there. But as an affiliate I see mobile as a potential threat. If you were a casino or poker room that could release your platform on the Apple Store (or Android or whatever), for example, what need do you have for traditional affiliates? The Apple Store is the de facto largest affiliate site on earth, so you just release your app on there for free and pay Apple nothing. Normally it’s a 30% cut of the sale price, which is still far cheaper than 30% of lifetime revenue anyway. Affiliate sites that refer players to the app store can have an affiliate account with Apple, but if the casino or poker room is giving away their app for free, the affiliate earns nothing. Sure as value added for existing players it might be great, but there is unlikely to be many affiliate programs that will attempt to concoct some kind of tracking scheme to credit affiliates for new customers that download an app from an app store, even if the affiliate referred them there. The best I can think of is affiliate site refers a player to a casino website, player registers there, then downloads the app from the app store and logs in using previously registered credentials. Not a process many sites will want to inflict on their players. 20 July 2011 10:18 pm #10 I can see where a sports bettor would use their phone to check the latest lines or place a bet on an upcoming game, but I personally think they would do so mainly because it was more convenient than getting their laptop out of their briefcase or because they need to get the bet placed before they have a chance or the time to sit down at their home systems. I do think that this trend will continue to change more as the proliferation of pads increases. Rick Universal4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 18 17 From the GPWA forums