GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 18 - October 2011

How do you feel about af- filiate managers who also operate their own sites? Do you see any conflict of inter- est there? This is a difficult question to answer. I have no problem with affiliate managers creating sites that don’t compete with their af- filiates. Since they get to see which affiliate sites are bringing the most traffic they shouldn’t be able to use this knowledge to then go and compete with these affili- ates for the same keywords. If a casino affiliate manager wants to create a poker affili- ate site, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Regarding the current state and the immediate future of our industry, are you a glass- half-full or a glass-half-empty guy? To be honest I think I am right in the middle. I can see two possible scenarios play- ing out: one would require af- filiates (licensed operations), while affiliates would no lon- ger be needed in the other (state-run sites). I think there will always be a requirement for affiliates in some markets but this means there will be a lot more people competing for those players that are left. What did you do before you joined the online gaming industry? I worked at IBM for five years monitoring mid- range and Tandem systems for a bank here in Canada. Do you attend many affiliate conferenc- es? What purpose do they serve for you professionally? I typically attend about two conferences per year. I used to get a lot out of conferences (e.g., negotiat- ing better deals, networking, etc.) but as of late I am starting to get much less out of them. The speakers seem to always be the same people and they have started to become more of an excuse to go party in another part of the world and catch up with friends. How long do you give yourself for re- sponding to e-mail? And what e-mail tips can you offer? If I am home then I try to respond to e-mail as soon as possible. This can vary from instantaneously to a couple days. It depends how urgent that e-mail is. When I’m traveling it is when- ever I can get an Internet connection. I used to be very good with e-mail when I had a BlackBerry and would reply in- stantly, but ever since I switched to an iPhone/Android I tend to be much worse as it is much more annoying to type on. My tip would probably be if e-mail is very important to you then get a BlackBerry. Howdo youmanage your“to-do”lists? Do you use any special software to help you out? My to-do lists consist of a bunch of papers lying around my desk. I have tried using some software-based solutions but always seem to go back to paper and pen because then you have something right in front of you. How much time does it take to keep your sites updated? Most of my sites are on auto-pilot as I have people who update them for me but occasionally I have to make major updates, which can take some time. How much time do you spend on SEO, and what do you do to keep your SEO skills up to date? Since my number of sites is much smaller now I spend a lot less time on SEO lately. It’s more on an as-needed basis. To keep up to date with SEO skills I read various forums and at- tend sessions at the gaming conferences (although most of the time I find these are targeted more towards newer people learning SEO). AGE: 28 HOMETOWN: Toronto LIVINGIN: Toronto FAVORITEFOOD: Steak MUSTREADBOOK: The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss SITES: PKR Rake Club 35 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series