GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 18 - October 2011

In your opinion, what role does keyword density currently play in optimizing SERPs? Also, do you utilize Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your site? I think “keyword density” is not as impor- tant an issue as before. But as Google and other search engines use algorithms and this is a complex structure containing many factors, it has always had an effect on SERPs. But keyword density in “Title Tag” and “Description Tag” has always had more of an effect. I have proved it with my experiments and observations on my sites and competitor sites. The bottom line: domain name, genuineness, natural- ness and semantics aremuchmore impor- tant than keyword density and the other factors. I do utilize Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well to drive traffic and com- municate with my potential and current followers. I always try to post my updates about reviews, bonus changes and site enhancements through these social me- dia and aim to make a valuable contribu- tion to my followers by providing useful content. Then the visitor traffic comes as a bonus. If you were giving a new affiliate three SEO rules to follow, what would they be? Use a scheduled “to-do” list for planning your time so as not tomiss any task. This is often not done by many overconfident affiliates and they never know what they are missing. Always cooperate with others through respectable forums on SEO issues/af- filiate program testimonials and have coaching support from an experienced professional if possible. Be patient, intensive and consistent with your experiments and their outcomes. How long do you give yourself for re- sponding to e-mail? And what e-mail tips can you offer? E-mail and all sorts of communication mediums (Skype, MSN, 1. 2. 3. etc.) have an important role in my busi- ness model. I must admit that I am a rap- id-responding person as an affiliate and a webmaster. I use all of the mobile gadgets available to interact on time. In my opin- ion, the most important tip is “Treat the sender as yourself.” If you would like to have the answers or information quickly, then you have to also do the same. And never forget that time is money. Another tip is to make priority lists according to your work flow. Date-sorting alone is not enough when responding. How do you manage your “to-do” lists? Do you use any special software to help you out? There is not a magical rule for this. I basically prefer iPad and iPhone “Notes” for organizing my to-do lists. But this is a primitive program. There are more sophisticated to-do list pro- grams and applications on the market. But one observation that I made for myself is, when I try to use more im- proved methods, then I tend to show negligence due to complexity and start to miss things. So the simplest form is the best for me. In my opinion, follow- up discipline is much more important than the software-type approach. How much time does it take to keep your sites updated? It is hard to figure defini- tively, but on average it takes two hours a day for review/content writing and half an hour for forum communication. Design work is another issue that takes time. It is not needed daily but I can say that it takes roughly 10 hours monthly. Without a doubt, “Casino Recommender” is the most time-consuming site in my portfo- lio. If I were able to focus on this industry full-time, these hours would increase to six or seven hours a day. We know how important good content is to your site. How long should a typi- cal, full-length casino review be in order to evaluate the casino thoroughly with- out boring your readers? And how long does it take you to produce that content for each casino on your site? It is a very critical issue as you have mentioned. You should not bore them but you should supply them with enough information to convince them to play at that reviewed brand. I have made investigations on this issue through competitor site analyses and forum communications. Affiliates generally prefer to write between 500 and 700 words. According to my experience, it should be around 500 words. More im- portantly, clear sections, correct informa- tion, highlighted features (with bold) and less banners (try to have directly anchored text links that lead to specific sections of a casino) should be applied to increase the quality of the content. It takes three days per casino to analyze, one hour per casino to write the review and another half an hour to publish the review with screen- shots, logo and banner design. What prompted you to join the GPWA, and how has it helped you so far? When I made a search through Google with the keyword “Best Affiliate Forum,” as far as I remember, it showed GPWA as a search result. And as I had been observing the GPWA seal on many reputable gambling AGE: 35 HOMETOWN: Kadıköy, a suburb of Istanbul, Turkey LIVINGIN: Çeşme, İzmir, Turkey FAVORITE FOOD: All types of seafood MUSTREAD BOOK: A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking SITES: 47 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series