GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 18 - October 2011

In addition to reviews and information, your site offers games including casino, backgammon, bingo, poker and rummy. Which games bring in the most revenue? Casino games are the best in terms of visi- tor/registration/depositor/conversion. But there are sharp fluctuations so I never make an estimate for the end of the com- mission period. Poker, rummy and bingo bring more stable returns. Additionally, one of my favorite table games is back- gammon, which has player continuity via long-lasting backgammon tournaments. Are you planning to make any changes to your site? Yes. My coach “John,” from, and I are currently working together on the restructuring and rede- signing of CR as well as moving it to a WordPress CMS platform, whichwill sure- ly bring more efficiency and interactivity. How long have you been working in the industry?What drew you to the business? Actually, I have been dealing person- ally with web design since my University years (1994-1999). But that was only limited to music fan sites. I’ve been in- volved professionally since the beginning of 2004 when my first gambling affiliate site, “,” was founded. The site offered sports betting tips. My cousin had been highly interested in sports events and he had an adequate knowledge. So I decided to merge his sporting knowledge with my webmaster know-how, which was a great start. Then I broke with my partner due to his own intense business involve- ment. The domain name is still strong for the Turkish market, where it derived from the keyword “iddaa,” which is the brand name of the National Betting game. Then, in February 2005, my second baby,, was born. It means “Ask a Casino” in Turkish and targeted poten- tial Turkish casino players. Then, at the beginning of 2006, legal restrictions took place in Turkey and we lost most of our affiliate revenue from But I never gave up the fight! I added four spe- cialized Turkish gaming sites dealing with roulette, slots, blackjack and poker be- cause I had noticed that restrictions in any part of the world just heighten the inter- est on online gambling. At the beginning of 2009, I decided to build international sites operable in various languages but mainly in English (targeting traffic out- side Turkey) but keep the former Turkish sites in my portfolio. And my first English site, “,” was born online in the summer of 2009. I call it my “Master Project” and have been ap- plying all of my accumulated SEO and de- sign knowledge on it. During the last two years, I have also added two specialized gaming sites ( and but have been unable to focus on them enough due to the heavy business load of Are you a full-time online gambling af- filiate, or do you hold down another job as well? I am a part-time online gambling affiliate who has very little time due to my full-time work. I am a regional sales man- ager for one of the world’s largest multi- national FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) companies and manage 56 sales personnel. So I am doing my best to be as mobile as possible to fully utilize my time. But it takes lots of energy and prevents me from focusing totally on my gambling af- filiate business. My all-time dream is to become a full-time online gambling affili- ate as soon as possible. For help making this dream come true, I’ve been getting valuable coaching support from “John” ( for the past three months. A couple of years ago a program you ap- plied to discovered that someone at your site had lifted and published significant amounts of content from another site. As soon as you heard what was going on, you fired the perpetrator and deleted all of his content from your site.What should site owners be doing to prevent this kind of thing from happening? That was an undesired and painful experience which was caused by one of the content writers (I will not mention his name here) whom I had hired through a reputable SEO con- sulting company. I had agreed to have the reviews of the casino brands writ- ten. And after he had finished doing his work, I published all of the content that was provided by him. And then, as you have mentioned, a program manager of a reputable gambling company warned me through the GPWA forum that there was plagiarism in my reviews. After I made a cross-check with the Copyscape site, I saw that the issue was valid and immediately removed all of the copied content. And I immediately fired the content writer. Due to my lack of experience, I had neglected to check the content uniqueness and got into a lot of trouble with some of the other affiliate programs also. But thank God I have addressed the issue thoroughly with the corresponding affiliate managers and remedied the unwanted situation. That was a great lesson for me. Now I regularly check the whole site’s content for any act of plagiarism that could be done by other sites or content writers. What do you like about the industry? Cooperation and dynamism. I haven’t seen any similar solidarity in any other sector. You can improve yourself through forums and open source information supplied by other affiliates. A true win-win situation! And this increases the overall dynamics of the industry. Mobility is another great feature of this industry. You can do your work without the limitation of a fixed loca- tion or office. What don’t you like about the industry? All types of barriers and limitations ap- plied by governments. I support regula- tion but I hate prevention. What surprised you the most about the industry? The continuously increasing growth rate (despite restrictions). I am not able to make a healthy guesstimate for the industry turnover figures. Still I cannot make a projection for the coming years because of the “Snowball Effect.” What did you do before you joined the online gaming industry? I have an entre- preneurial type of personality and devoted myself wholly to technology. In 2000, I founded the Hcorp company, which pio- neered in producing “e-Card” product in Turkey. The other strange business that I have dealt with is forex trading as a forex trader. Forex is being accepted as “finan- cial gambling”! So that was not far away from the gambling industry. GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES HUSSEIN CHATIN CasinoRecommender Want to be a winner? Get yourself a coach! GPWA Affiliate Interview Series