GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 19 - February 2012

Mobile awareness grows More than a quarter of respondents said that at least 5 percent of their traffic comes from mobile devices, and nearly two-thirds either have sites optimized for mobile browsers or plan to work on it this year. On average, what percentage of traffic on your sites comes from mobile devices? 0-1 percent 25.5% 0-4 percent 20.9% 5-7 percent 14.5% 8-10 percent 6.4% 11-15 percent 2.7% More than 15 percent 2.7% I’m not sure 27.3% Do you offer a mobile-optimized version of your site(s)? All of my sites are optimized for 8.1% mobile browsers Some of my sites are optimized for 27.9% mobile browsers My site(s) are not optimized for 28.8% mobile browsers, but mobile optimization is on my “to-do” list for 2012 My site(s) are not optimized for 35.1% mobile browsers and I do not plan to work on it in 2012 Our second annual survey yielded some surprising information, including some major shifts in how GPWA affiliates make money, surf the web and use their phones. Check out the results of a few questions from our survey here, and check the GPWA forums for more interesting results! A riotous lot! Nearly a quarter of our respondents have been “in or around a riot,” with more than 20 percent saying they have inhaled pepper spray or tear gas (including GPWA Executive Director Michael Corfman; to learn more about his exploits, visit the GPWA forums: ). Yes No Have you ever been in or around a riot? 24.5% 75.5% Have you ever inhaled pepper spray or tear gas? 20.6% 79.4% Positive outlook proves prophetic Last year, our survey respondents had a positive outlook, with 74 percent saying 2011 would be better than 2010. And it turns out that 2011 was better than 2010 for most of those who could compare revenue year-over-year, (63.9 percent to be exact), with another 10.8 percent saying revenue was generally flat for them. Revenue change Percentage Grew more than 50% 25.3% Grew 31%-50% 13.3% Grew 21%-30% 10.8% Grew 5%-20% 14.5% Stayed +/- 5% 10.8% Shrank 5%-20% 8.4% Shrank 21%-30% 2.4% Shrank 31%-50% 8.4% Shrank more than 50% 6.0% This year, our respondents once again have a positive outlook on the future, with 51 percent saying it will be their best year in the business to date, and another 26 percent saying it will be better than 2011, though not their best year. What do you expect to see in terms of your revenue in 2012? It will be my best year so far 51.0% Better than 2011, but not my best year 26.0% About the same as 2011 16.0% Worse than 2011, but not my worst year 6.0% It will be my worst year in this industry 1.0% Casino, sportsbook growing; poker shrinking Compared to last year, casino and sportsbook revenue generated a larger portion of revenues for survey respondents, with each growing by 6 percent, while nearly 10 percent fewer respondents said poker was their largest source of affiliate revenue. What sector of the online gambling industry accounts for the largest portion of your revenue? 25.3 49.4 4 22.7 15.5 55.5 4.5 4.6 16.7 1.8 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Other Sportsbook Poker Casino Bingo 2011 2010 THE 2012 GPWA SURVEY The 2012 GPWA Survey