GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 19 - February 2012

Five tips for choosing new poker affiliate programs to work with in 2012 I ndustry T rust In any business relationship, trust is extremely important. Trust is especially important in the gambling affiliate industry, where there have been countless stories over the years of both rogue companies and rogue affiliates. The best way to establish the trustworthiness of a poker affiliate program is to do your own due diligence and not rely on what the program is telling you. Research the history of the affiliate program, the affiliate managers and any other past information you can find. The best way to learn about the history of an individual affiliate program is by searching the industry’s largest affiliate forums. In the event the program in question is new to the industry, you’ll need to be even more cautious when entering into an agreement, and especially one that is set with a revenue-sharing model. This is not to say that new programs cannot be trusted, because many can; you’ll just need to approach any deal with a greater degree of caution and skepticism. A ffiliate M anager & C ommunications When exploring new poker affiliate programs to work with, the quality of the affiliate manager should make a significant difference in your final decision to promote or not to promote. In the poker affiliate industry, the affiliate managers are often our only contact with the operators. A good affiliate manager is one who has a solid reputation among other affiliates, and one with whom it is easy to communicate. If I e-mail a potential affiliate manager about working together and do not hear back for several days, he or she has already lost my business. Before you choose to dive in head first with a new poker affiliate program, I strongly advise you to have several conversations together, and begin building trust and rapport before referring new players. By Jeremy Enke T here is no question that 2011 was one of the most turbulent years the poker affiliate industry has ever seen. On April 15, 2011, the landscape of online poker within the United States forever changed. And although Black Friday specifically rocked the U.S. poker market, the fallout for affiliates has been global. Until Black Friday, the U.S. poker market was undoubtedly the most lucrative market for poker affiliates to promote within. Since Black Friday and the sudden exit of the four largest U.S.- facing poker sites, many affiliates have been left looking for new operators to work with. While 2011 was plagued with uncertainty and disappointment, we are all crossing our fingers that 2012 will be a year filled with excitement and new opportunity. New opportunities often come in the form of new programs to work with, and there are a few important factors to consider when choosing new programs to promote. What may be an exceptionally great program for one affiliate could perform terribly for another. While there are no guarantees in this industry, you may be able give yourself a better chance of success in the coming new year by examining the following aspects of potential new affiliate programs you are considering working with. “While 2011 was plagued with uncertainty and disappointment, we are all crossing our fingers that 2012 will be a year filled with excitement and new opportunity.” T ip # 1 T ip # 2 Five tips for choosing new poker affiliate programs