GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 19 - February 2012

Sayhello toKatyStaffordandAnthonyPrissman! Anthony’s based in South Africa and insists that Cape Town “has to be the most beautiful city in the world,” and Katy’s in Malta, where the “sun is . . . always shining and the sea is on your door- st ep so it’s a world away from London.” Katy joined InterPartners in September 2010 an d Anthony joined Fortune Affiliates after returning to South Africa from Australia. O ne of them has been thrown from a horse and the other has been chased by a guy wi th a shotgun. Which is which? Keep reading! InterPartners offers two casinos (InterCasino and VIP Casino), a poker room (InterPoker) and Parbet, which offers both casino and poker products. What do af- filiates need to know about these brands in order to effectively market them to their players? InterCasino is our flagship and award-winning brand. Launched in 1996 it is one of the pioneers in online gam- ing and has one of the best retention programs in the industry along with over 300 games available in the follow- ing languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and Japanese. VIP Casino is our alterna- tive offering, which is currently in the process of being repositioned as a luxury casino brand. InterPoker is one of the most trusted and popu- lar names in online poker and offers easy navigation, fantastic software, an impressive variety of games, a massive tournament schedule and a 200%welcome bonus up to €1,000. What distinguishes InterPartners from other online gaming affili- ate programs ? Our commitment to all affiliates whether small and new or large and established; understanding the value of con- versions and player insights to deliver optimal player retention strategies; trust and reputation earned from our longevity within the industry; an experienced team willing to assist affiliates wishing to develop marketing channels they don’t currently excel in or of- fer such as e-mail, SEO, PPC, etc. We also have our very own mobile app for affiliates on the go! Early in 2011, you rebranded your program, changing the name from PartnerLogic to InterPartners and relaunching your program using Income Access software. What was the motivation behind that change? How has it affected the affiliate experience? And how have affiliates responded to both the rebranding and the rebranding process? The main motivation was to give our affili- ates an easier back office to use, with better reporting, creative li- brary and more functionality. We changed our name to be more in keeping with our flagship brands – InterCasino and InterPoker – and to create a new brand iden- tity in keeping with the rebrand of these products. I don’t believe we had too many obstacles dur- ing the rebrand process – in fact I think it was far smoother than other rebrands I have seen. The new system has made the affiliate experience far easier and manage- able – one of our main concerns with the previous system was the user experience and I believe that we have achieved this with both the front-end website and the af- filiate back office. Affiliates have responded well to the change as the new system is both easier to use and has far better functional- ity than PartnerLogic. You offer a revenue share mod- el, with increasing percentages (up to 50 percent) based on the amount of revenue an affili- ate brings to your sites. Some other programs offer increas- ing percentages based on the number of players an affiliate brings to their sites. Why did InterPartners choose to base revenue share percentage on revenue rather than the num- ber of players an affiliate has brought to your properties? We believe that quality over quantity is a better model to use and also enables the smaller affiliates to grow over time. Obviously, num- bers of new users are important but we have been able to build bet- ter relationships with our affiliates in the last 10 years using the rev- share model. However, we have also started to offer CPA and hy- brid deals, which was something that we were unable to do with the old PartnerLogic system. A ffiliate Manager Interview Series KAT Y STAFFORD InterPartners “I am in charge of al l InterPartners payments and I run a tight ship so affiliates can be guaranteed tha t payments are pro mpt and sent in a ti mely manner.” MEET THE AFFILIATE MANAGERS Affiliate Manager Interview Series