GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 19 - February 2012

Some brands, especially those focus- ing on Europe, use sports betting sites to acquire customers for their other products (casinos, poker, etc.). That’s not a path you’ve chosen to travel. What advantages, if any, do you feel you have operating without a sports- book? What disadvantages do you feel you have working without a sports- book? Advantage – focus entire efforts on maximizing our expertise and affili- ate revenue for the higher player value casino traffic. The main disadvantage of not having a sportsbook is not being able to cross sell to our other products, but it is something we are looking into so watch this space! Go ahead and pull back the curtains a little bit. What three things would af- filiates be surprised about regarding how InterPartners – or any affiliate program – operates? 1. We always give top level service to affili- ates regardless of their performance or how long they have been with us – all af- filiates are treated as VIPs. 2. The phenomenal amount of time we spend on Skype and other messaging apps daily! 3. The amount of work that goes into de- livering fresh creatives, marketing tools, promotions and newsletters for our af- filiates monthly. You have a background in psychol- ogy and criminology. So how did you get into the online gambling indus- try? When and where did you get your start? Do you think your university work helps you in your role as an af- filiate manager? If you had to assess the mental well-being of the industry, what would your diagnosis be? I started working for InterCasino back in 2005 and so have been with the company for over six years now. This was my second “London” job out of university. I started in a sup- port/admin role and moved up into office management and finance. Finally, with the office relocation to Malta, I took the op- portunity to move into the marketing side of things as I believed both my long-term experience with the brand and company together with my reporting/finance knowl- edge would be a good fit for InterPartners. I think the psychology part of my universi- ty course is helpful in looking at the psyche of our players but also how they would be best retained, what promotions work bet- ter for them, etc., which can only be benefi- cial for any affiliate manager. With regards to diagnosis, as the iGaming industry in my eyes is still in its infancy, it’s quite difficult, but inasmuch as mental wellness is defined by emotional well-being, the capacity to live a full and creative life, and the flexibil- ity to deal with life’s inevitable challenges, I don’t think our industry needs to worry too much. As an affiliate manager, ultimately I feel my financial background within this company helps me in this position as I gained a totally holistic view of revenue generation and fundamentally I am here to help affiliates generate more money! How long have you been working with InterPartners? How is it differ- ent from your previous positions at other companies? I have been working for InterPartners since September 2010. This is my first role as an affiliate man- ager. This is definitely a more “hands on” position and is great as I get to deal with people on a day-to-day basis and foster re- lationships that I hope will flourish. What do you know about the industry now that you wish you knew when you first started? How fast paced it is and how everyone knows everyone – it’s like a massive family! How do you ensure that payments are sent out on time? And when do your payments go out? Payments are sent au- tomatically within the first seven days of the month (as long as the affiliates have entered their payment preference in their InterPartners account). I am in charge of all InterPartners payments and I run a tight ship so affiliates can be guaranteed that payments are prompt and sent in a timely manner. Where do you think the industry will be in five years ? It’s hard to say as there is so much regulation going on in various coun- tries. I would love to see a return to the U.S. marketplace (as does everyone!) but for the time being I think there are loads of op- portunities in other markets such as South America and Eastern Europe. There is so much more to develop and grow and I just hope I will still be part of it in five years. What’s the best movie food? Hot dogs and pick-n-mix. What is the last book you read? Did you enjoy it? And did you read it on an e- reader? Or do you need to have a copy of the physical book in your hand? I am a big reader and so I normally have a couple on the go at the same time. At the moment I am reading We Need to T alk About Kevin and also a biography of M ary Boleyn – sister of Anne. They are both re- ally interesting – very different from e ach other but variety is the spice of life! I am very much a physical copy kind of gi rl – most of my books have been read ag ain and again and there is nothing better t han seeing a well-worn book on a shelf. How would you describe life in Malta ? If someone comes to visit you and the y’re in Malta for the first time, what do y ou make sure to show them? I really en joy life in Malta. The sun is generally alw ays shining and the sea is on your doors tep so it’s a world away from London. Th ere is also a really big expat community a nd my work colleagues are all close friend s so you never get bored for company. W hen people come and visit, the top spots I n or- mally take them are Valletta and Mdin a – gorgeous architecture and amazing li ttle restaurants. Also on the top of the lis t is Muddy Waters, my local bar and the b est in Malta! What is your favorite movie? Léon: The Professional (1994). If you had a theme song, what would it be? “MySharona”–playedliveinMuddyWater s.... If you could go anywhere on vacat ion, where would you go? India – I have n ev- er been and would love to travel aroun d. If you could have dinner with th ree other people, living or dead, who wo uld they be? Stephen Fry, David Thorne and Jane Austen. What would you do if you just inherite d a pizzeria from your uncle? Eat a lot of pi zza! What are three things that no o ne knows about you? I am slightly obses sed with processed cheese, I can barely w alk in heels and I was once thrown from my horse into a ditch. 69