GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 2 - October 2007

39 GA Partners offers a commis- sion based on percentage of player deposits and re-de- posits rather than the more common percentage of net win.Why? It’s quite simple. As you say, most people offer the percent- age of net win and for affili- ates of all sizes there are times when they can get “wiped out” by a big winner. We’ve eliminated that as a factor. How do the mechanics of the deposit-based commissions work? It’s a percentage of deposits and re-deposits with no other variables in the equation. The rate is 50% for the first three months and it goes to 25-35% thereafter. If a player makes a withdrawal without having played at all, that’s considered a chargeback. We have less than 1% chargeback rate. What’s your next bigpurchase (personal)? I buy stuff from eBay, and I am somewhat addicted. I just bought a Harmony 1000 LCD remote for my TV, HDPVR, entertainment center but by far the next biggest purchase will by my woman’s engage- ment ring. What was your favorite sub- ject in school? Chemistry – burning magne- sium strips did it for me but it was nearly over when I cre- ated chlorine one day and we had to evacuate the lab. Oops, sorry, Dr. C. What are the three critical challenges facing affiliate programs right now? Trust is a big problem. Trust in a brand and its integrity – that’s why I’m here (at the GPWA). Paying affiliates and players and making sure that we are one step ahead when it comes to payment process- ing is critical. Now a third challenge -- I’d have to say is staying online 24/7 and being available to our clients. That’s something I’d like to be able to do. What are your three keys to success for an affiliate? Honesty and customer service are key. And an experienced person to advise affiliates and help them make money. I want to make our company a lot of money, I want affiliates to get rich, and that’s my job. I get incredible joy out of helping a person make money. It is Eco- nomics 101 and we share in the success. What songs are currently on your iPod (or mp3 player)? Do you want the honest or the “safe” answer? Hmmm, OK, one sec, I have a mini and a video iPod... Whoa, weird stuff on here: Arctic Monkeys, Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, Bloc Party, The Clash, Cro-Mags, Da- vid Bowie, Down and Outs, The English Beat, F-Minus, Gangstarr, Joy Division, Mis- fits, The Nerve Agents, The Prodigy, Tiger Army, A Tribe Called Quest and Tupac. I just did an export from iTunes of everything, then processed it in Excel. I still go skateboard- ing and snowboarding when it’s winter and listen to bad music! If you could sit down at a bar withany5peoplethroughout history, who would they be? What would you be drinking and which bar would it be? Ah, another personality defin- ing question, my favourite... The venue would be some- where relatively cheap, just in case I get stuck with the check. Albert Einstein is a favourite of mine. But he was a genius and I’d need a second person to interpret – so scrap him. • Bruce Lee, definitely. I started martial arts at a young age be- cause of his movies. He would be a cheap drinking partner, too, I imagine. • Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG when they were friends, assuming I would be accepted as cool enough to hang with them. Alas, that would not happen... • The inventor of Nintendo and Su- per Mario Bros – I can chastise him for ruining my life and making it so awe- some at the same time. • The inventor of the skateboard – you definitely helped me ruin my life, enjoy my life so much and accelerate arthritis in my body. • The 5th would definitely be my grandfather. I apologise for blaming Phillip for burn- ing that hedge and I know you knew it was me. He made the best meatballs, he was very quiet, but an amazing man nonetheless. Carlo GA Partners What makes Carlo run? “I want affiliates to get rich!”