GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 2 - October 2007

40 You’ve worked at a number of different programs. What separates WagerProfits from the rest? It’s very difficult to say, as I have learned a lot from every com- pany I have had the pleasure of working with. However, I would have to say the level of professionalism here at Wager- Profits, the teamwork, and the loyalty exceed any other I have experienced. is one of your partners. How strong is the Canadian poker market? And what do affiliates need to keep in mind as they target Canadianplayers? Canada is quite interesting. It’s a market in bloom, and consider- ing we have 1/40th of the Cana- dian population it is still pretty small next to the big guys, but solid and consistent. Mostly one should target Canada us- ing similar strategies as for the U.S., just on a more personal approach. They like to be recognized as Canadians and not as North Americans. Once you separate them from their neighbors you have the right starting point. What songs are currently on your iPod (ormp3player)? HAHAHA, that’s not fair, I have a reputation I would like to keep. Next question, please! What was your favorite subject in school? Most definitely English Lit., can you believe it? I guess I really enjoyed being given the free- dom to express myself through writing and poetry. I had a lot to say in those days, much to my detriment. What’s the key to building successful relationships be- tween affiliates and affiliate programs? Aside from having a successful marketing strategy in place that will create a mutually benefi- cial and profitable partnership, it’s laying the foundation for a respectful, trusting, and loyal friendship. I definitely feel that any solid foundation is built up from Trust. And I truly feel blessed to have stumbled upon this opportunity to work with a team like Paul Art and Diego D. These guys are by far a cut above the rest when it comes to perseverance and loyalty. And they have made dedication to affiliates an art form. How did you get started in this business? Actually my first opportunity was given to me by VPL, who occupied offices next to my fam- ily in Johannesburg. I befriended the staff there over a two-year period, and then when an open- ing came up, they took me on and gave me my wings. I learned a huge amount from them and decided it was time to head back to my roots and move to Israel, and, well, the rest is history. What’s the first concert you attended inperson? That, my friends, is Jethro Tull. I think I have the coolest parents out there. What are your three keys to success for an affiliate? Well, it’s definitely all about content, no doubt about that, and inbound links by important and relevant sites. Finding the right partners to be affiliated with, and knowing how to market them effectively on your website. Knowing the hotspots. AND, size doesn’t matter. You get some very good returns from small text links. On a more personal note: Patience: Some of the guys out there fail to achieve goals due to lack of patience. You won’t get the same results in one month’s work as you do in a year. And believe me, once you get to that point it is more than worth it. Finally, I would say honesty. You can build a very respect- able name and a huge monthly income out of your reputation. This business needs to step away from dirty hands, and build re- lationships out of trust. If you were throwing a din- ner party with any 5 people throughouthistory,whowould you invite? What would you cook? Andwhy? I would invite Jamie Oliver so I wouldn’t have to cook. Then I’d invite (Casino City’s) Re- becca as a party just wouldn’t be the same without her, and most definitely Paulo Coelho as he is a true inspiration to me. Tupac, as he is a great poet and it would have been an honor to have met him. Seinfeld because I am always up for a good laugh. And a paramedic, because I think Seinfeld, Rebecca, a na- ked chef, a gangster rap artist, and an exceptional author with a bad taste in women, in the same room, just may be the last of me. kate WagerProfits At WagerProfits, successful working relationships must be built on Trust GPWA TIMES | Affiliate manager interviews