GPWA Times - Issue 20 - March 2012

GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES Tell us about your site. What makes it unique? When did you launch your site? The first concept of the site was launched about 2007, I think, and has undergone a few changes since, both ma- jor and minor. I think probably the most unique thing is I write as a gambler, not a marketing person. I probably go into a lot more detail on the product reviews than most other sites in my sector. Free bets, free casino money, free pok- er chips, free bingo money – is there any other site out there that has gath- ered together – all in one place – as much free stuff as you have? To be fair there are a few that probably offer even more than I do. Some are very good and some are poor and just try to have as many affiliate links as possible. Regarding new-player bonus offers, which works best for you – a no- deposit, free cash bonus or a bonus requiring a deposit? It really depends on the bookmakers and the behind-the- scenes work they do, I think. For exam- ple, the current Sky Bet no-deposit bonus is getting huge sign-ups. They do a great job to keep players playing and convert- ing, and they have now become one of my steadier earners. How did you become involved in the industry? I actually didn’t know that affiliate marketing even existed when I created the website. Because I had, and still do have, a love for betting I wanted to provide fellow gamblers an easy-to- use guide to which bookies had which free bets. How long did it take for you to start earning money? To be honest I can’t re- ally remember, but it wasn’t too long after I found out you could earn in this way, but only small amounts – as you would expect for someone really not knowing anything about this side of the business. How much time and financial resourc- es do you devote to SEO and social networking in order to drive more traf- fic to your site? I wouldn’t like to say anything about financial things but I’m a strong believer in spending a great deal of time on SEO and social networking. I have seen too many sites get to where they want to be in the SERPS and just let things slip – and then it’s too late. As for social networking, if I have time on my hands then there is nothing better than “getting your name out there” and creating a buzz. Only a fool would just rely on the search engines to bring in new customers. How do you track which SEO tech- niques are working for you and which techniques are not? Any shortcuts you can recommend? That is simple but something that many webmasters fail at. I only do one bit of SEO at a time. SEO is all about testing, and it is easy to get results confused if you make too many changes at once. Make a change, wait for Google to crawl and see what effects have taken place. What offline marketing techniques have you used to promote your site? Were any of them effective? I actually started a thread on this the other day on the GPWA forum. In the past I have sponsored horse races, had ad boards at a racecourse, used leaflets and also had LED ad boards at a recent football match on live TV. I probably found the football match the best of the lot and will certain- ly be doing it again in the near future. Do your family and friends know what you do for a living? Most of my friends and family know what I do but don’t quite understand it. I might as well talk to my- self when I try to explain to my mum and dad, though. What traits do you look for in an af- filiate manager? How about in an af- filiate program? Honesty is a major trait I look for but also a quick turnaround in answering e-mail is something I really ap- preciate. When it comes to programs I’m really relaxed and just want reliable stats and reporting, really. I do get fed up with programs that constantly change their bo- nuses, though. What advice would you offer someone just starting out in the industry? Be patient – don’t expect to make millions straightaway! There is some good money to be made but I have seen so many peo- ple steam in, not make a lot straightaway and just give up. And don’t believe every- thing you hear from a lot of the “SEO ex- perts.” If you are going to hire someone to do SEO be very careful and research them as much as possible before you commit to anything. What prompted you to join the GPWA? How has it helped you? Not sure why I did join as it was a while back now, but it has been great. I didn’t expect people to be so helpful and it is quite refreshing to be able to speak to people doing the same thing as you do and understand. It just gives you a real insight into the whole in- dustry. I’ve met some really sound people at LAC as well. What do you like about the industry? I just love everything about sports betting and being able to write things that I have a love and passion for. And it also gives me an excuse to watch more sports on the TV. AIDAN thebookiesoffers “Be patient – don’t expect to make millions straightaway!” Age:31 Hometown:Leicester,U.K. Living in:Leicester FavoriteFood:Steakandchips MustReadBook: TacklingMyDemons, byStanCollymore GPWA Affiliate Interview Series