GPWA Times - Issue 20 - March 2012

If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be and why? I’d sort the complete mess that is the American online betting sector. I have been involved in this industry now for nearly five years and still am not fully sure what the rules and regulations are involving the American market, so I leave it well alone. What surprised you most about the industry? Basically how much money you can actually earn. I can’t believe how much commission some firms are pre- pared to pay. How long do you give yourself for an- swering e-mail? What e-mail tips can you offer? If it’s an e-mail I want to an- swer, then straightaway normally. I don’t work Fridays so that is probably the lon- gest I go without replying. Although if it’s some rubbish like someone trying to sell SEO services or something it gets deleted straightaway with no reply. How do you manage your “to-do” lists? Do you use any special software to help you out? I don’t really have a “to- do” list, I just do what I fancy doing when I fancy doing it, to be honest, unless obvi- ously it is something that needs doing like updating an offer. How much time does it take to keep your site updated? That really depends on what needs doing, I suppose. If there are offers that need changing it can take longer but writing new betting offers and betting previews probably takes an hour or two. It’s getting the new content “out there” that can take up the time. If someone were visiting you, what’s the one place you’d definitely take them to see? If they had never been I’d take them to London as there is so much to see and do. I’d take them on a big walk all around Parliament and the Palace, etc. What’s your favorite vacation spot? Las Vegas by a mile. Not really sure if I need to explain it but in Vegas you can do just about anything you want, when you want – and whatever you do, nobody bats an eyelid. If I’m going with the lads, though, I think Benidorm in Spain needs a special mention just for being such a funny place. If you could have one “superpower,” what would it be? I’d be invisible – imag- ine the trouble you could cause with that. You could really find out what people think about you as well; you could walk into any place you wanted to go, and the information you could get would be mind-boggling. What’s your all-time favorite movie? Not really a big movie fan but I really like The Hangover . I thought it was really funny and laughed most of the way through it. If you could invite any five people, living or dead, to dinner, who would they be? Maggie Thatcher for a good chat about when she was in power for all those years. Footballer Paul Gascoigne as I think he has so many stories to tell. Lord Lucan so he could tell us about what re- ally happened to him. Either of the Kray twins as they really would have some eye- opening stories to tell. And finally the last one would be my granddad as I never got the chance to meet him and I have heard so many stories about him. 61