GPWA Times - Issue 20 - March 2012

GPWA SEAL OF APPROVAL PROGRAM GPWA Seal Recognizes Honorable Webmasters T he GPWA Seal of Approval has been awarded to 369 new portals, with the seal program now rec- ognizing 2,386 recipient sites across 60 countries. “Successful affiliates recognize the importance of demonstrating trustworthiness to their visitors and peers,” said GPWA Program Manager Steven Corfman. “It is heartening to see so many new web- masters start off on the right foot by placing honesty and integrity at the heart of their businesses.” The criteria investigated prior to awarding the seal include that the portal is managed independently of the brands it promotes; that it respects and upholds copyright standards; and that it does not send spam e-mail, promote or display pornography, or use mali- cious search-engine-optimization techniques. The seal technology detects the default browser lan- guage of each portal visitor, returning both the award and the verification page in the visitor’s chosen lan- guage. The service also verifies the approval status of the portal, ensuring its display only on approved sites. The Seal of Approval offers the knowledge that a gambling portal: • Is managed independently of the online gambling Web sites it provides information about or promotes. • Respects and upholds copyright standards. • Does not send spam e-mail. • Does not use malicious search engine optimization techniques such as posting spam-like comments in forums and interactive blogs. • Does not promote or display pornography. • Provides consumers with information extending beyond banner advertisements and links. • Acts professionally and respectfully in its business activities. To apply for the Seal of Approval, visit or e-mail your list of sites to 62 GPWA Seal Program