GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 26 - October 2013

to write short news blurb summaries and linking back to original sources, that’s a 2.5-3.5 cents a word job. You don’t need your 5-10 cents a word quality writers do- ing that. Decisions like that (the example is a simple one, of course) mean so much and can be so difficult to make. What’s the best thing about running your site? Working with coaches that started out on our site at the lowest of stakes, and are now beating the mid- to high-stakes games. Working with many of these guys is great; they are usually humble since they started at the bottom, and also hard working. While many mis- informed (in my opinion) people think sites like kill the games, I’ve been around long enough to know that you can’t get anywhere without working hard in this game, no matter what videos or coach you have access to. We certainly can help players, but there’s no replace- ment for hard work, and the guys that climb the ladder on our site are examples of that. If someone were visiting you, what’s the one place you’d definitely take them to see? The mountains and outdoor activi- ties. Whether it’s ski/snowboard, hiking, kayaking, rafting, ATVing, snowmobiles, Colorado has some awesome outdoor ac- tion. I’m so glad to have made the move; this is really the type of place that fits my girlfriend and me. When you need to get as far away from work as possible, where do you go? I don’t have a getaway place. I might go for a bike ride and think about work the en- tire time. Same for a long walk, or a few beers at the local breweries. On the other hand, I also do all of those to escape from work at times. One skill I picked up from playing poker was the ability to just turn everything off after a tough day. I really worked hard on developing in this area and it is so worth the effort. I’d like to re- ally spend some time meditating and be- coming more self-aware and in control in all areas of life in the future. I’ve seen the dividends in my limited work, so it’s an area where I see some of the most poten- tial for happiness. What’s your favorite vacation spot? The Pacific Northwest is really nice. Portland and Oregon in general, I really enjoy. I like Colorado a lot, too. We can’t all move to our favorite places (Hawaii, for example, is not practical for many of us), but I really feel like I’ve done that with Colorado. One day I hope to live up in the mountains; otherwise, I’m already at one of my favor- ite vacation destinations. I don’t like the vanilla touristy stuff usually. The Vegas Strip, for example, it just feels like adult Disney World to me. The most fun I have in Las Vegas is seeing a few of my friends that live out there. Hiking out there is a lot of fun as well. I enjoy visiting some of the top breweries in the world. Stone, Russian River, Selinsgrove and Founders are a few of my personal favorites. What’s your all-time favorite mov- ie? Growing up, Pulp Fiction and A Clockwork Orange were two of my favor- ites. I used to write screenplays in high school, so the scripts of those two mov- ies really appealed to me. I’ve always en- joyed dialogue. I’m a TV series guy these days, though. Deadwood , early seasons of Arrested Development , Party Down , The Wire , Game of Thrones and Mad Men are some particular favorites, for too many reasons to list here. If you could invite any five people, liv- ing or dead, to dinner, who would they be? Emperor Norton of San Francisco (entertainment), William “Boss” Tweed (stories), John Nash (poker, his work, his life), Serge Tsaytak (an old friend and the hardest man to get hold of) and Quentin Tarantino (only if I could watch some movies with him after). If you were one of the last two people on the planet, who would you want the other person to be? It would be my girl- friend. I’m the type of person who does what he wants to, for better or worse. My girlfriend is the same way. We’ve been to- gether many years, because we both want to be together and really enjoy each other. What are three things that nobody knows about you? My first “business.” In sixth grade, a neighbor of mine found a floppy disc of his dad’s with naked pictures of celebrities (Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, etc.) on it. I had the bright idea to print up a black and white photo of Jenny McCarthy and sell it to a kid at school for $5. Another kid bought the disc off my friend for $10, but couldn’t figure out how to open it, thought he was ripped off and told on us. I had to donate my $5 to a lo- cal church and was given a stern lecture by my parents and the assistant principal. The kid who bought the first picture got into the most trouble. I don’t have too many other things that nobody knows about. My good friends know most everything about me. I’m a pretty open person. 57 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series