GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 26 - October 2013

GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES Want your site to be a hit? Give value! When did you launch your sites? In 2006. Geegeez began in late 2008 and has been the flagship site since. How did you become involved in the in- dustry? I was always interested in sports betting and wanted to combine my pas- sion with business. How long did it take for you to start earning money? I started earning straight- away, by creating a betting product (eBook). But earning from gambling affiliate pro- grams didn’t really kick in until 2011. You’ve described yourself as being pas- sionate about the sport of horse racing and have said that you also love betting. When did you attend your first race, and when did you place your first bet? Be- cause we can bet off course here in the U.K., my first bet was a long time before my first racetrack attendance. I placed my first bet – via my uncle – when I was about eight. My first racetrack attendance was at Sandown Park, which remains one of my favorite tracks. While your stated goal in running your sites is to assist other punters in turn- ing a profit, how often do you place your own bets based on tips and stats that appear on your sites? Every day! I co-author Stat of the Day, which is an excellent daily insight that maybe can’t be easily discerned from the past perfor- mances. We’re always able to get a value price, which is why we’re showing over 100 points profit to one unit level stakes. Have you considered targeting other gaming verticals? Or do you plan to keep to horse racing sites? I have consid- ered it, and will get to it, but for now there’s still plenty to do in making a “go-to” site for U.K. horse racing. One of the regular features of your site is “The Punting Confessional.” Can you describe that feature of your site? Punt- ing Confessional is a way to learn from the mistakes of a professional gambler. Tony, the author, takes topical events/meets and highlights lessons he’s learned in relation to them. It’s always a candid, entertaining and compelling feature, and I’ve learned plenty from it myself! What traits do you look for in an affiliate manager? How about in an affiliate pro- gram? I’m looking for an affiliate manager to understand what I’m interested in (horse racing), and to help me promote their prod- uct in relation to my audience. An affiliate program should have cross-vertical com- mission, and an ongoing array of topical and “hardy perennial” offers to promote. What advice can you offer people who are just starting up in the industry? Give value! Every site has a “review” of differ- ent bookies/programs. Offer content re- lated to the vertical you’re in, and engage with your audience before asking them to open an account. You joined the GPWA earlier this year. What prompted you to become a mem- ber? How has being a member helped you? Also, we appreciate the promi- nence you give the GPWA Seal on the geegeez home page! I’m delighted to promote the GPWA Seal on my home page, because I believe our industry needs some degree of self-moderation. That’s what prompted me to join, and I believe that membership adds a further level of credibility to What do you like about the industry? I especially love the fact that there are so many passionate people – on both sides of the customer/vendor table – in our com- munity. It makes working in it more of a pleasure than a chore most of the time. If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be? I would make it a legal requirement for all affiliates to be associated with a representative body such as the GPWA. We as an industry need to be more transparent and responsible in our endeavors, and the GPWA supports that. What do your family and friends think of your work as an affiliate? I think they’re proud of the way I manage my business, which has always been predicated on giv- ing before asking to receive. I believe they also think it’s slightly weird what I do! Do you gamble online? If so, what do you play? Yes! I bet on horse racing main- ly (every day, pretty much), and sports often. I occasionally play a bit of poker, but, in truth, I haven’t got the patience/ discipline for it. How long do you give yourself for an- swering e-mail? What e-mail tips can you offer? I answer all urgent e-mail within 24 hours, even when I’m on holi- day (as I am now!). Other e-mail gets dealt with either by myself or my assistant with- in 48-72 hours. As for e-mail tips, if you have questions which are commonly asked, create an FAQ page and link to it in an automated reply. How do you manage your “to-do” lists? Do you use any special software to help you out? I was a software project man- ager in a past life and used MS Project and a raft of weekly reports to track things. These days, I tend to “wing it” more often, and have a lot of scraps of paper and note- books about the place. Broadly speaking, that works, but I could do better. MATT geegeez Age: 41 Hometown: Bournemouth, U.K. Living in: London Favorite Food: Curry Sites: GPWA Affiliate Interview Series