GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 26 - October 2013

Peter Arena of WBX Affiliates and Stephen Croft of Affiliate Edge are miles apart: Peter lives in Sydney, Australia, and Stephen lives in Manchester, England. Stephen is obsessed with Far Eastern food, and Peter prefers chowing down on a good piece of beef. Despite their differences, however, they’re definitely on the same page when it comes to doing whatever it takes to keep affiliates happy. For example, both of them look at conferences as prime opportunities to put faces to the names of the affiliates they work with. Maybe you’ll run into them at the next conference you attend! AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES MEET THE AFFILIATE MANAGERS You joined WBX Affiliates a little over a year ago. Did you have any previous ex- perience in the industry? I’ve always had an interest in sports and sports betting, though my background was in the scien- tific field. I enjoy working in this industry as it’s much more social than my previous role working at a laboratory. You’ve been with WBX Affiliates since it opened its dedicated affiliate portal, correct? Why did the company switch its strategy in terms of affiliate mar- keting? Yes, that’s correct. We decided to reposition WBX Affiliates as a fair af- filiate program. The software integration was part of a complete affiliate program revamp strategy. There are several as- pects we streamlined, while providing enhanced affiliate support. We now offer our affiliates an affiliate portal with reli- able tracking, reporting and automated monthly payments. We felt it was neces- sary to make these changes in order to provide an experience affiliates expect from a leading program. With the launch of the affiliate portal we have achieved these goals while also improving the re- ward plan for our affiliates. You mentioned in a GPWA Forum post that the program had previously only offered a CPA, but switched to a 50 percent revenue share. Why was that switch made? You also said that, based on historical data, affiliates should ex- pect to make roughly twice as much on revenue share deals as on CPA deals. Has the last year borne out that theory? GPWA regulars will know that the age- old debate of CPA versus revenue share is a topic heavily discussed on the forum. CPA deals can be tricky to balance in a way that is profitable to both parties and there is always the potential for abuse on a CPA agreement. In my experience a majority of affiliates prefer the long-term benefits of revenue share. As you can see in the “CPA or Revenue Share” poll on GPWA, more than 80 percent of responders voted for a pref- erence of revenue share or hybrid plans. After discussions with affiliates on their expectations we made the shift to a gener- ous 50-50 split in revenue. This is a fair way to share the rewards, where we earn the same as our affiliates. Over the last 12 months we have observed that the claim of “more than double” is an understatement and that the actual reve- nue affiliates have made greatly exceeded this. For instance, one affiliate’s earnings on a monthly average increased 600 per- cent on the revenue share plan. The rea- son is that with CPA, affiliates are limited to a single bounty payment, and once they have been paid for that referral that’s the end of the line. Many programs utilize tiered revenue sharing schemes, whether it is a num- ber of active players or revenue gener- ated. Why did WBX Affiliates choose to go with a flat revenue share scheme? Most programs offer 25-35 percent rev- enue share based on how much revenue is generated. We wanted our reward plan PETER ARENA WBX Affiliates “Most programs offer 25-35 percent revenue share based on how much revenue is generated. We wanted our reward plan to stand out so we decided to offer 50 percent revenue share for every member referred, with no hidden tiers.” Affiliate Manager Interview Series