GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 26 - October 2013

to stand out so we decided to offer 50 percent revenue share for every member referred, with no hidden tiers. We feel it is fairer to offer a flat revenue share since everyone has the opportunity to earn at the same rate. If affiliates generate £1 or £10,000 of revenue – they will receive an equal share of the revenue. With the seasonality of sporting events we do not want to penalize affiliates with predatory terms such as activity quotas during their slower months of the year. No two affiliate sites are the same. Unlike a horse racing website that has markets year round, an American football site tends to have slower periods during the off season, where affiliates would find their earnings reduced even further on a tiered reward plan. We understand that the small affiliates of today may become the super affiliates of tomorrow and encourage our affiliates to promote WBX without discriminating against one or the other. WBX is a betting exchange. What are the major differences between betting exchanges and sportsbooks? On a bet- ting exchange, members set their own odds and are betting against people rather than against a bookmaker. As such WBX does not take on any risk regarding the outcome of a wager like traditional sports- books and we do not discriminate or pe- nalize winners. Since members set their own prices, betting exchanges often have better odds than sportsbooks, which is one of the primary motivations for a member using an exchange. It is also possible to back or lay (bet against an outcome) on an exchange. If a member spots a weak favor- ite in a horse race, the exchange platform allows him to profit from this prediction, even though he did not pick the winner. What markets make up WBX’s primary target audience? Where do you make most of your revenue? Any emerging markets affiliates should know about? WBX is licensed and regulated in the United Kingdom (U.K.). The U.K. is con- sidered one of the primary target audi- ences, with British members contribut- ing significantly to the success of WBX. The betting exchange is also growing in popularity across Europe, with the most active sports betting markets being soc- cer, tennis, and horse racing. Golf, cricket and greyhound betting markets are also gaining in popularity. We offer a variety of sports betting coverage across geographi- cal sports markets such as darts, volley- ball and handball. What role do conferences play in terms of spreading the word about a brand like WBX Affiliates? What kind of presence does WBX Affiliates expect to have at upcoming conferences? We are living in a digital age with face-to-face communi- cations being just one of the ways we can stay connected. I’m in touch with affili- ates by e-mail, phone or Skype on a daily basis and I am able to get to know our af- filiates quite well and develop a mutual trust with them. So far a large focus of our efforts is pri- marily through online marketing though you can expect to see WBX attending con- ferences in the future. I do look forward to meeting everyone in person. It’s one thing to bring in new people to a site. It’s another thing entirely to get them to stick around. What does WBX do to retain players sent by affiliates? Aside from the free bet offer that rewards members for their betting activity dur- ing the first month of registration, WBX also offers a member loyalty program. Members are rewarded in the form of dis- counted commission for Loyalty Points that are generated when they place wa- gers. The more members bet, the more loyalty points they earn, which increases the discount they get on commission. We encourage active sports punters to move their business over to WBX. If mem- bers can prove their existing discount rates with competitor exchanges we will happily match their rates at WBX. What do affiliates need to know about WBX Affiliates in order to effectively market their brands? What distinguish- es the WBX Affiliates brands from other online sports books, both in terms of the player’s experience and what you offer affiliates? WBX is exclusively a sports betting exchange and the mem- ber’s experience is not complicated by ca- sino/poker/bingo – at WBX it’s all about sports. This is a positive for affiliates since earnings cannot be offset by other product losses. We also have a solid repu- tation for not limiting or closing winning member accounts. The interface at WBX offers a straightfor- ward navigation that has been set up for visi- tors to quickly find the markets they would like to bet on. New members are shown a sportsbook view by default to help transi- tion to a betting exchange environment. For our affiliates we offer dedicated sup- port and take the time to ask them what they need from us to promote WBX to the best of their ability. We also have a no neg- ative carryover policy. If an account does go negative for a month, this will not af- fect the affiliate’s earnings going forward. Describe the office culture at WBX Affiliates. If there were a fly on the wall, what are some of the topics of conversation it’d hear about at the water cooler? The team is energetic and friendly. We’re all supportive of in- novative ideas and are a great group of people to work with. I spend a good part of my week communicating with them. For the most part we talk about work, but we also discuss what’s happening in our personal lives. We’re a pretty close group and I consider everyone on the team to be my good friends. What do you know about the industry now that you wish you’d known when you first started? One thing that I didn’t know when I first started was how much time and dedication affiliates put into their sites – and when you see that hard work, they deserve their success. I think that has been the biggest eye opener – the amount of work that it takes to find success – and that has helped me to gain more respect for both sides of this industry. How do you ensure that payments are sent out on time? And when do your payments go out? Our terms are that we will settle payment within 10 business days after the end of each calendar month and we have not had any issues with this. We understand that for many affiliates this is a sole source of income so we pro- cess payments promptly with the added value of no withdrawal fees being charged. Where do you think the industry will be in five years? Mobile and live betting are the two key areas I see growing further. For sports betting events, particularly on betting exchanges with fast-moving odds, it is only natural to take our betting with us and compare odds on the go. 67 Affiliate Manager Interview Series