GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 3 - January 2008

GPWA Affiliate Interview Series | GPWA TIMES 11 How did you become interested in online gambling? In January 2007 I realized I had enough time on my hands to set up another business. My current business, a gym, was not taking up as much of my time as it previously had. I met an affiliate manager of Jackpotjoy, Jasper, at a party where he told me (between quite a few drinks) about the industry and the benefits of being an affiliate. How did you learn about the online gaming industry? Jasper recommended I use the GPWA forum and as well as attending CAP London, which I did, and that was the beginning of this industry for me. What about the industry interests you? The speed at which it is growing. Despite many setbacks, such as the UIGEA, the industry is growing rapidly and it is up to us as affiliates to keep it this way by providing more and more places for players to gamble and by keeping them aware of the safest legal places so they can gamble happily. When and why did you decide to become an affiliate? I decided to become an affiliate the moment I started using the forums in January 2007. I wanted to be an affiliate primarily for the new source of income, and I liked the idea that it was a business that could be run from a computer anywhere around the world. In addition to your work as an affiliate, you also run a gym. Which is your “full-time” occupation? How do you go about splitting time between the two? The gym is a part-time job for me in one way and full-time in another. Like anyone running any INTERVIEWWITH Robert Bray | rob3786 For Robert Bray, it’s just a short trip fromNotting Hill to Jackpot Avenue Current hometown: London, England Age: 27 Favorite food: Spaghetti Carbonara One book everyone must read: Machiavelli - The Prince Site: [ Continued on page 44 ]