GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 3 - January 2008

GPWA TIMES | GPWA Affiliate Interview Series 12 Current hometown: London, England Age: 28 Favorite food: Italian food; lasagna One book everyone must read: Ravage by Barjavel (French author from south of France), because of the author’s strong views and true thoughts about the human race. Sites:; INTERVIEWWITH Cedric Amedei | Maxfalcon Maxfalcon has it all: great gaming sites, a loving family – and Jessica Biel? Howdid you become interested in on- line gambling? After my first attempt to build a business online, I searched for a dynamic sector on the Internet with potential for building residual income and high possible revenues without any burdensome financial investment and achievable within a short timeframe (boy!). That’s how I discovered online gambling, but my first conclusions and views about this sector were much too simple compared to the reality of the business. How did you learn about the online gaming industry? I first analyzed the Web sites displayed in the top 10 search engine results for various que- ries and the sites they were linking to. It gave me lots of information and insight about the basics of operat- ing as an affiliate. Then I discovered major community Web sites such as Winner Online, Casino Meister… and their forums. My ultimate goal was to understand player needs (apart from winning money!). Then, I finally found the GPWA (in late 2002), which really marks when I started mastering the industry dynamics by interacting with creative, fun and friendly web- masters. You have a very interesting screen name (Maxfalcon). What is the story behind it? Maxfalcon was my pseud- onym in my teenage years when I created with one of my friends a fan- zine about video games. This pseudo was a mix of a certain gaming com- puter called the “Falcon” from Atari with “Max” behind it, but “Max” was used for its meaning (abbreviation of maximum) and not for the first name “Max.” What is amusing in forums now is that people usually talk to me as if “Max” was my first name, but I have nothing to do with Max – my first name is Cedric! I use this pseudo everywhere including in video games. It’s really fun. Inaddition toyourwork as anaffiliate, you are also a 3D graphics designer. Which is your “full-time” occupation? How do you go about splitting time between the two? What time man- agement tips can you offer to fellow affiliates? Both are in fact my full- time occupation. The 3D graphics side is included in my online business. But the online casino affiliate business of- fers the best ratio of revenue / hours of work. I do not mean it takes only a few hours to work as an online casino affiliate, it does take lots of time – but it has the best ratio. As for time-management tips, I must say that being very strict is the first step in managing your time. I usu- ally fix a time when I must stop work. I think 8-10 hours a day, excluding Sunday, is a correct amount of work. When I started my business, I worked every day, including Sundays, for two straight years without any vacation. It was an error. Starting the busi- ness required lots of time, sure, but I should have respected my person a little more. One particular thing that helped me was developing my own tools to han- dle repetitive tasks. If you have pro- [ Continued on page 45 ]