GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 3 - January 2008

13 Register online today at: Produced by: 6 th A nnuAl C onferenCe f oCusing on i -g Aming in the A siA -P ACi f iC r egion 26–28 f ebruAry , 2008 t he V enetiAn , m ACAu AiG is the only i-gaming conference to address the strategic and operational issues in the sought-after Asia-Pacific region. UÊÊ ˜ÌiÀ>VÌÊ܈̅Ê̜«‡iÛiÊiÝiVṎÛiÃÊëi>Žˆ˜}Ê ˆ˜Ê̅iˆÀÊ>Ài>ÃʜvÊiÝ«iÀ̈Ãi]ÊëiVˆwVÊ̜Ê̅iÊÀi}ˆœ˜°Ê UÊʓ«ÀœÛiʜ«iÀ>̈œ˜>ÊivwVˆi˜VÞÊ>˜`Ê}ÀœÜÊ ÀiÛi˜ÕiÃÊ܈̅ʫÀœ`ÕVÌÃÊ>˜`ÊÃiÀۈViÃÊvÀœ“Ê industry suppliers. UÊÊ iÌܜÀŽÊ܈̅Ê>˜Êˆ˜‡`i“>˜`Ê>Õ`ˆi˜ViʜvÊ Ài}ˆœ˜>ÊiÝiVṎÛiÃÊ>˜`Ê«ÀœÃ«iV̈ÛiÊLÕȘiÃÃÊ partners entering the È>‡*>VˆwVʓ>ÀŽiÌ° New iN 20 08 At A i g Two value-added workshops catering to specific sectors of i-gaming in Asia Pacific: 26 f ebruAry i nVestment P ower s ummit : Hear from experts on investment opportunities, business models, growth strategies and financing options. m Arketing P ower s ummit : Learn how to legally and effectively market your products and services to the Asia Pacific consumer. AIG Advert GPWA Times.indd 1 11/1/08 10:46:38