GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 3 - January 2008

GPWA TIMES | GPWA Affiliate Interview Series 14 INTERVIEWWITH Robin Morris-Kendrick | GamTrak For GamTrak’s Robin Morris- Kendrick, the best things in life are free! How did you become interested in online gambling? I would occasion- ally visit Las Vegas and Atlantic City, so when I ran across a pop-up or ban- ner for an online casino that was of- fering a no deposit bonus I decided to play. Once I had accounts at about 15 casinos. I decided to store my ca- sino information in Access. One day I was reviewing a report that I created of my casino database and it dawned on me that other players may benefit from using something to keep track of casino activity along with user names and passwords in one spot. What attracted you to the industry? Since I had my GamTrak software idea, I figured that it would be a good avenue to pursue. I also liked the idea of working in an industry that pro- vided an opportunity to make a good income with what, I thought at the time, would be little effort. How did you get started? I used MS FrontPage to build my site. I had no previous experience with the soft- ware so it was a challenge at first, but eventually I began to enjoy it more each day. One of the things that distinguishes you from other affiliates is you offer your own software (via download). What does the software do? GamTrak is a free application that will store personal online casino gambling in- formation and contains no spyware or ads. You can save information and print out a report that lists user names, passwords, balance, payment method used and more. It has over 200 links to casino, bingo, poker and skill sites. What prompted you to develop and offer the software and how has it helped your business? A major factor was having to contact casinos to get my login information, which was a pain, so I decided to create a tool that I felt would be very use- ful to the online player. Once it was done, I discovered that I needed a way for the application to be down- loadable via the Internet so I decided to search the net for a programmer to help me. My goal for the Gam- Trak software is to offer it to fel- low affiliates and allow them to use their affiliate tags and give it away to their players. In the beginning it was the core of my business, but after I created my forum, that became my first joy. Of- fering the software has been a way for me to collect a targeted database. The fact that it’s free is a good way to at- tract those who like to try free things and may find that they enjoy playing at online casinos. What prompted you to start offer- ing forums and have they lived up to your expectations? Initially I created a forum in order to provide technical support and assistance to those using GamTrak software and I don’t really remember when that changed. Shortly after I began playing online I found ezboard forums. I began to participate in contests and other things, so I had an idea of how it worked. My one fear was the fact that I don’t have the “gift of gab” and find it hard to come up [ Continued on page 45 ] Current hometown: Denver, Colorado Age: 47 Favorite food: Seafood Sites:,