GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 32 - June 2015 GPWA Seal reflects webmaster trustworthiness The GPWA Seal of Approval program con- tinues togrow,with238newseals awarded since our last update in the Feb. 2014 issue of the GPWA Times Magazine . The program now boasts 2,608 recipient sites across 60 countries. “Successful affiliates know the important role that trust and professionalism have in growing their businesses,” said GPWA Program Manager Anthony Telesca. “We're proud to honor new webmasters and existing webmasters as they strive to achieve the industry's highest standards.” The criteria investigated prior to awarding the seal include that the portal is managed independently of the brands it promotes; that it respects and upholds copyright standards; and that it does not send spam e-mail, promote or display pornography, or use malicious SEO techniques. The seal technology detects the default browser language of each portal visitor, returning both the award and the verifica- tion page in the visitor’s chosen language. The service also verifies the approval sta- tus of the portal, ensuring its display only on approved sites. GPWA SEAL OF APPROVAL PROGRAM GPWA Seal of Approval Program