GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 32 - June 2015

#29 Renee (Sponsor Affiliate Program) Haha, I know, right? Although I wasn't supposed to be eating them while I was working, so I guess you could say I was stealing them. Back when I was there, they used to have a production bin and after 10 minutes the burgers got thrown away. At the end of the night whatever burgers were left we could take home, so my family got a lot of free Maccas. Crew also used to get half-price meals, so on my breaks I would make my own super-duper burger the way I wanted it. OK, now I am salivating. It's been a while since I had Maccas and it is like heroin to me. “ Reply With Quote #30 muffincrumbs (Public Member) An issue would be getting enough of them jammed into the syringe. “ Reply With Quote #31 Renee (Sponsor Affiliate Program) Hahaha, every "junkie" finds a way, right? “ Reply With Quote #32 apps2bet (Public Member) I used to work in a sports shop. Completely different from what I do now. I do quite miss physical customers, though, as opposed to hits on some stats. “ Reply With Quote #33 ARZ (Public Member) I had a small land-based casino connected to a nonstop cocktail bar, where I also worked as a bartender. But after 13 years I realized that it was time to leave those never- ending night shifts to someone younger. “ Reply With Quote #34 olson1981 (Public Member) I used to work as an affiliate manager, then realized after over a year I was on the wrong side of the game! “ Reply With Quote #38 Marc Weinberg (Sponsor Affiliate Program) Taught English Literature ("Introduction to Fiction and Poetry 101") at Johns Hopkins University. Then went to work as a content editor for an Internet startup in NYC in 1999. Left to build a virtual horse racing website. The CTO told me he was quitting to work from home and become a "gambling affiliate." This was in 2002, and when he first told me I still remember feeling so sad for him because he had clearly lost his mind. A year later, I was begging him to help me set up similar websites. I sold sports handicapping picks and was an online casino affiliate for 10 years, and after a two-year break I have now "crossed over" to become an operator and get involved once more in this slightly crazy but always stimulating world. “ Reply With Quote 23 From the GPWA Forums