GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 32 - June 2015

you out? I recently started using a free app called Asana and got a number of people on our team to sign up too. You can set up a to-do list, assign tasks, etc. It’s much easier to use than a pen and paper and I take my iPhone everywhere anyway. Combined with calendar app Sunrise, I’m a lot more organized than I was a few months ago. How much time do you devote to SEO and/or social networking in order to drive more traffic to your sites? The ma- jority of our time is still spent on social media, be it Facebook or Twitter. We’ve recently started working on SEO for both sites and we’ve seen some excellent re- sults already so it’s something we’re look- ing into more now. The websites were ini- tially set up to complement the social side of things so it’s a big shift for us. What’s the most difficult thing about running your sites? Probably the fact that we end up working seven days a week, all hours of the day. With a home office and a smartphone, it’s impossible to step away from it, really. There’s always horse racing or football on, aside from Christmas Day. What’s the best thing about running your sites? The freedom to develop our own ideas and put them into practice ourselves rather than losing control over them; talking and watching sport; getting to visit conferences, horse racing meet- ings and football games; flexible working hours are a bonus, too. What do you do to stay in shape – both physically and mentally? I play a lot of football and a little squash to stay in shape physically. I’ve recently started going to the gym regularly, mainly to try and re- cover from Cheltenham Festival. I don’t really do much on the mental side of it; I still really enjoy the work so I don’t think I need to. If someone were visiting you, what’s the one place you’d definitely take them to see? There’s a pub/hotel fairly close to our house called the Avon Gorge. It’s got some great beers and there’s a huge out- side area which looks over the gorge and the Clifton Suspension Bridge, which is well worth a visit. When you need to get as far away from work as possible, where do you go? Normally the pub! What’s your favorite vacation spot? I’m not a great one for relaxing on holidays. I went to Hong Kong and Shenzhen to see some friends over winter, including a trip to Happy Valley Races, and I’d love to go back. The food was awesome and it’s such an interesting place. What’s your all-time favorite movie? In Bruges . It’s just too funny. If you could invite any five people, living or dead, to dinner, who would they be? Huw Jenkins (Swansea City chairman) — he knows how to run a business. Doyle Brunson — a proper poker legend who surely has some great stories. Stephen King — I read all The Dark Tower books when I was younger. Richard Attenborough — to narrate. And Warren Buffett — just to try and get a glimpse into his mind. What are three things that nobody knows about you? 1. My favorite drink is a Skittle Bomb. 2. I’m awful at drawing, even stick figures. 3. I’m a big fan of MasterChef , even though I’m rubbish at cooking. AGE 23 HOMETOWN Swansea, Wales LIVING IN Bristol, England FAVORITE FOOD Steak MUST-READ BOOK The Godfather by Mario Puzo SITES James (right) and Jake (left) present a trophy at Worcester races, where they sponsored races last year. 53 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series