GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 32 - June 2015

Condor Affiliates is the affiliate program for Casino Sieger, Rembrandt Casino and the recently launched b-Bets. The first two brands were originally promoted by Rembrandt Affiliates. Is Condor Affiliates an entirely new program? We started out with Sieger Affiliates and Rembrandt Affiliates programs, which were equally powerful, but business got to the point where we needed to make it easier for the affiliates. With this in mind, we created Condor Affiliates: one brand, one login, three ca- sinos to promote at once. Condor Affiliates allows us to add new, improved features, accessible immedi- ately for all marketing purposes for all brands. Instead of having individual brand affiliate programs, the entire struc- ture of the company and its departments changed for the better. How challenging was creating a new brand within Condor Gaming? Condor has been growing by the minute in terms of affiliates, players and brands. It became clear that creating a single roof under which to host all the participating parties in this house, which is slowly but surely becoming a mansion, would be the best for all stakeholders. That creates an advantageous environ- ment for affiliates, who can enjoy one ac- count with all the information and materi- als they need to become successful along with the brands they promote. Establishing a new brand is quite chal- lenging, mainly because of all the devel- opment needed and the demanding ef- forts to get affiliates up to speed. Condor Affiliates is a fresh start for the sake of the productivity and convenience of all parties involved. Quality, ease of use, highly qualified management and transparency are all of great importance and clearly represent an immense oppor- tunity, now that we have everything un- der one roof. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your professional background. I am French, I grew up in France and I’ve stud- ied international business and applied languages for five years. I started in the gambling industry in 2000, when the on- line casino industry was just beginning. I was involved in customer support for the first few months — I had to really under- stand the industry and the players' needs. Then, my role evolved and led me to the affiliate marketing side of the business. I really love it. I joined different companies in the process, and each year I grow to un- derstand more of this fascinating job. Condor Affiliates became a GPWA spon- sor immediately upon launching. Why do you believe it's important to be part of the GPWA community? Forums are a great means of communication, and we consider communication to be very im- portant to our affiliate program. Affiliates can not only ask questions, they can also exchange experiences, marketing efforts, results, tools — just about anything to help each other grow their business. The GPWA fits very well into our marketing efforts for all these reasons. It surely can only be of great benefit to be part of the GPWA, considering that there are thousands of like-minded people out there who can meet and help each other! The GPWA has very quickly shown that it cares. There is great involvement regard- ing the entire industry, discussions and activities, so the GPWA values, ideas and goals resonate very much with those of Condor Affiliates. b-Bets is a new brand with live casino games, slots, a sportsbook and a unique auction feature. Tell us a bit more about how it works. The auction section at b-Bets is what sets it apart from other casinos. Loyal players love not only their favorite games but also the unexpected, surprising bonuses they receive, preferably on a daily basis. But we figure that a player might prefer one bonus over another. That’s why we’ve come up with a whole new concept: handing the power of choice to the player. Players use BidBets — b-Bets internal credits that they automatically receive for playing — to place bids on the bonuses they really want to get. There are different items up for grabs at our auctions: up to 50 percent deposit bonuses, different numbers of free spins and even very competitive no-deposit bo- nuses. And the list goes on, as we continu- ously innovate. Describe a typical work day at Condor Affiliates. My day won’t start without a fresh cup of coffee, but that’s about the only thing where the word “typical” ap- plies. Workdays at Condor Affiliates are never the same. As our brands grow, so do the excitement and workflow. There’s always something new: a new player or affiliate promotion, new affiliates signing up and new busi- ness opportunities. My team and I listen to our affiliates care- fully and closely, so I’m constantly in touch with people from all around the planet. I mostly communicate via Skype and e-mail. Actually, I don't think affili- ates really like speaking over the phone — we are all a bit geeky, after all! What does Condor Affiliates do to retain players who come through affiliates? Getting a registered client is not enough. Our biggest efforts are spent on retention, so we create tailor-made promotions and incentives, analyze the players’ habits and adapt our promotions accordingly. We always work on offering better, unique rewards and promotions, and at the same time, we offer regular promotions such as Take Away Tuesday, Bonus-A-Thon and Crazy Friday, just to name a few, for those players who like to stick to a routine of giveaways. Often, we just give away freebies, such as free spins and bonus money, and we have been rewarded with countless player re- sponses and appreciation e-mails thank- ing us for all the “action” we provide compared to many other online casinos. AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES CHRISTINE Condor Affiliates Affiliate Manager Interview Series