GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 37 - February 2017

How did you first get into the iGaming business? I got into this industry when I was 26, and I was one of the first operators of Microgaming. We were hugely suc- cessful and ran the show for four years. I decided to move back to my home country at that point and reentered iGaming as a casino review and ratings platform with Casino Bonus Tips. Tell us about your role at Casino Bo- nus Tips. I wanted to see a transparent platform where players could read the truth about online casinos they wished to place bets with. Explosive growth in the industry and an uncertain legal environment caused temporary chaos, and some operators took advantage of the situation. Their shortsightedness altered player be- havior, and consumers began to distrust the mediumand small operators. At that point I felt there was a need for independent casino critics to come in and reviewonline casinos, much like restaurant critics who publish an account of their dining experiences. This is how Casino Bonus Tips was born. GPWA Affiliate Interview Series Travel the world with GPWA webmasters This issue’s interviewees live in Germany, Cyprus and India, but many of them have moved around a bit to get where they are today. They share with us their stories about where they’ve been and what they’ve done — and, of course, some wisdom about building and managing their sites. * Due to space constraints, we could not print the interviews in their entirety. The complete text is posted on the GPWA forums. This affiliate started his site to help players avoid unscrupulous operators Bobby - bobbygarg 40 w w w . g p w a t i m e s . o r g