GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 42 - October 2018

If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go? I was born and I’ve spent many years by the seaside, which still gives me strength and energy. When I’m on vaca- tion, I try to go to the sea. What was the last book you read? Most recently, I read a book called The Happy Manager . It tells about the bad consequences of being afraid to delegate authority. It leads to low efficiency. What’s your favorite movie? There is no such movie that I would re-watch every month, but I love Home Alone, star- ring Macaulay Culkin. It delivers some magic feeling, especially before Christmas. It makes me put away my telephone, computer and business notes, and watch it with interest from the beginning until the credits. If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would they be? Van Gogh, Monica Be- lucci and Angela Merkel. I don’t know what we three would talk about, but I’m sure van Gogh would paint a great picture. Name one thing that people reading this magazine don’t know about you. I can cook any edible products very well, even the incompatible in- gredients. That’s why if our company ends up on an un- inhabited island, we won’t remain hungry. My personal opinion, however, is that if someone wants to master a profession howsoever connected to gambling, he or she should understand the specificity of the industry from the inside. That’s why I purposefully visited offline casinos and played online at the start of my career – just to get a handle on gambling. You know, it really helps in your profession. From time to time, I place bets at the sportsbooks. Tell us about your typical work day. As we are friends to our partners we are also friends with each other within our team. I go to work with great love and will. Of course, a typical work day won’t pass without data checking and analysis, communication with partners, and searching for new opportunities for our product’s presentation. We exercise a good tradition of playing Frisbee after work or taking a bicycle ride at lunch time. We love to sing and play guitar. I am not a good singer, to be sure, but I sing with my soul. What’s the office culture like at Friends of 7? Everyone can express his or her personality. Our tasks are tied rather to results and efficacy than to time and deadlines. Each of us is a friend to each of us – that is a motto of our crew. AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES We do not treat partners in an indiscriminate way , but instead, we are always open to custom propositions for mutual benefit and collaboration . Iurii Tiupa Friends of 7 G P W A t i m e s . o r g 66