GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 43 - February 2019

all the others we offer, but it helps us enter new markets such as South Africa. For example, now we are adding sportsbook to one of our projects (Webbyslot) and hope Neosurf will help us become more successful and increase conversion in that market. And, of course, it is very comfortable for our affiliates and attracts new partners. We always try to create something new. What do you like most about the iGaming industry? There are a lot of opportunities and no limits for personal growth. You may work from any place on the planet, stay at home or go to the office. You may travel. You may make friends around the world, and you may speak English! (Laughing) I do love traveling and I do love speaking English, as it is a foreign language for me. For me, it’s a great opportunity. There are a lot of interesting people in this industry, and I enjoy all the meetings and conferences. Do you often network or attend affiliate events? Yes, I do. We attend most of them. It is not the first year we have attended SiGMA in Malta, and we are going to LAC in London again. We have visited the Amsterdam conference twice, and (in 2018) we also went to Las Vegas, Lisbon for LiAC and ICE Africa in Johannesburg. We also had plans to go to Bangkok for Affiliate World Asia, right after SiGMA. So, as you see, I don’t have time to get bored. How does Alpha Affiliates work to retain players sent by affiliates? We have a whole department responsible for it. There are more than 40 people who help us. Besides regular support 24/7 via e-mail and live chat, we follow our players through all messengers and social networks, and, of course, personal communication is an essential part! We have a special VIP manager, and we try to establish reliable and trusting relationships with our players by reaching out When did you first join the iGaming industry? How did you find your way to it? It was more than a year ago, and absolutely accidentally. I had never thought about this industry before and was tutoring English when I got a call and was offered a job. I was recommended by my friends as a reliable and English-speaking girl, so that is how my knowledge of English helped me come to this industry. What makes Alpha Affiliates stand out from other affiliate programs? Alpha Affiliates has been in the market for a long time and has gained a good and trusted reputation. Moreover, it is always growing, creating new projects that are interesting for me to be a part of. Unlike other affiliate programs, Alpha Affiliates has different platforms for different GEOs, working almost worldwide, and we take an active part in iGaming events. Alpha Affiliates offers 40% revenue share with no negative carryover and no earnings time limitations. Why did Alpha Affiliates decide to go with this model? What are the options for affiliates to make deals other than this model? Forty percent rev share is a very classical model that is used by most companies. It’s very reliable, as both parties have a testing period to estimate traffic. It helps protect from fraud and unfair affiliates. Moreover, it is profitable enough for an affiliate to get 40% from the company’s profit if it has real traffic. Sometimes it is much more profitable to get lifetime rev share than to get a one-time CPA cost. We also offer a higher rev share deal of up to 50% for trusted partners, and CPA deals are also discussed for our target markets. This November, Alpha Affiliates launched Neosurf, a new payment system. Can you tell us more about this system? This is just one more payment system among ValeryMukhina Alpha Affiliates This issue’s affiliate manager interviews introduce the GPWA community to Valery Mukhina from Alpha Affiliates and Lars Roman from N1 Partners. In turn, both managers introduce us to the programs they oversee, detailing what makes them unique and what they can offer affiliates. We hope you enjoy getting to know Valery and Lars in these pages – and if you’d like to get to know them or their programs better, keep an eye out for them at the next big conference! Meet the Affiliate Managers AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES G P W A t i m e s . o r g 66