GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 44 - July 2019

which was amazing. Not even my friends back in London did that! Do you often network or attend affiliate events? A s a part of growing your program’s reach, attending conference s and networking is essential. Not only is it good for new business , but it’s also good for feedback, learning ways to improve an d understand an ever-changing industry. What would be your advice to an affiliate just getting started in the business? Be prepared to put in the har d work and don’t expect instant results. Do you gamble yourself? My casino games of choice ar e Texas Hold’em and roulette. I watch a lot of sport and alway s like to have a flutter, on football mainly. Predominantly I pla y online, but there’s nothing better than sitting at a casino o r hearing the roar of Cheltenham! 2014 World Cup in Brazil – to celebrate the last year England won the World Cup. We wanted to announce ourselves on the scene in what was a very competitive time, and we felt that this promotion would do just that, which it did. Tell us about working for a program that has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency and how it’s benefit- ed players and affiliates. As you can see from the growing adoption rate among large institutions, cryptocurrency is coming; for millions, it’s already here. Being at the forefront gives our brands a certain authority in the market. In a space where companies can just vanish, we have gained the industry’s trust that we’re here to stay. What else makes Bitcasino Affiliates stand out from other affiliate programs? Our program is custom built, so we are always looking to add new and exciting features. We are launching, our new affiliate program, which will house, and in one place. Within, the aim is to give each affiliate as much insight into their players and activity as possible, while being able to customize the program to their needs. Bitcasino Affiliates offers up to 45% revenue share with negative carryover and a 30-day overwrite for tracking cookies. Why did Bitcasino Affiliates decide to go with this model? We see every affiliate relationship as a mutually beneficial partnership; we work hard giving players the best platform to play on, so our affiliates benefit the most out of a revenue share deal. I firmly believe in making a deal, so we are very flexible with all the terms of the program. As long as it works for both parties, then I’m happy. How does Bitcasino Affiliates work to retain players sent by affiliates? We have dedicated team members in the ever-growing CRM department who work to segment the players down to regularity of play, sports played and value of play. Having a personal approach to CRM really separates your brand from the rest. We are also constantly looking to improve our brands. Adding new features and games, often based on direct feedback from players, certainly helps our affiliates’ retention rates. What do you most like about the iGaming industry? The people that you meet and the places that you go are like no other industry that I know; it’s more like a family. It was my birthday during the Lisbon Affiliate Conference last year and a few people organized a surprise cake for me, Where do you think the industry will be in the nex t five years? The beauty of the industry is that there is contin - uous innovation, which was the driving factor and attraction of working for a brand such as Always striving fo r better ways to market and producing interesting products fo r our customers to play. As for the next five years? That would be telling… If you could change anything about the industry, wha t would it be? Affiliate fraud is something that sounds obvious , but I am finding it in places that you wouldn’t necessarily expec t to find it these days. Tell us about your typical workday. As I’m still relatively new , it can be very varied. A lot of my time has been taken up by Partners . io – how we’re going to differentiate from other programs, wha t added functionality we can add to make affiliates’ lives a lot easie r. Being at the forefront (of cryptocurrency) gives our brands a certain authority in the market . In a space where companies can just vanish, we have gained the industry’s trust that we’re here to stay . 6 3 G P W A t i m e s . o r g