GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 46 - February 2020

But then things started to decline. I had the usual problems that all affiliates do – committing to operators who turned out to be rogue, and with apparently legiti- mate operators, who suddenly dumped U.K. affiliates. In the U.K., the Gambling Commission seems to have online gambling in its sights, so operators were rightly nervous, but possi- bly overreacted. bet365, for example (who remain a great partner) have restricted what affiliates can write about them to the point where all reviews just contain the same bland, non-factual information. The whole point of affiliate sites is to compare and contrast, so this becomes very difficult. The need to display (terms and conditions) of bonuses at every point of mention made site design very clunky. For a while, I just removed all bonus offers, (which wasn’t a great move!) but eventually redesigned the site to be able to include them. Still don’t like the aesthetics, but it’s now 100% compliant. In 2019, the final nail in the coffin was the insistence on age verification for free play games. As it’s impossible for an affiliate to do this, I had to remove them. Part of the initial ethos of the site was to allow users to prac- tice strategies before committing to a casino and the free games generated a lot of traffic. Although these visitors were, by definition, non-transactional, there were enough of them that the small percentage that converted were worth having. That traffic stream is now gone. Some of the things that worked against you were out of your control and unpredictable. But looking back, what would you have done differ- ent, if anything? As I said, I would have consolidated and expanded the site before trying to diversify. In the initial site design, I tried to find a niche, but probably limited things too much. I should have made it much broader, though time was always an issue. On that same topic, I should also have If our role (as affiliates) isn’t to act as a “middle man,” offering impartial advice to consumers looking to make purchasing choices , I’m not sure what it is . . . If we can’t ultimately help players choose casinos, there’s not much value in it. 49 G P W A t i m e s . o r g