GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 48 - December 2020

GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES Thomas D. - CasinoDefence Let’s start with your professional back- ground. What did you do before getting into the online gaming industry? After leaving University back in 2003, I spent 14 years working as ameteorology expert witness and occasional broadcast meteorologist on local and regional radio. This was a very de- manding job, long hours and extensive travel, but I enjoyed every minute of it. In 2017, I got to chatting with a colleague at the local meteorological office, who later became my business partner, and the idea of working as a casino affiliate got started. On your GPWA member profile you proudly state that your site is “leading the revolt against rogue online casinos and the numerous websites that pro- mote unlicensed operators to make a quick buck.” Tell us more about this “revolt” and why it’s important to you. Over the past few years, more especially since GAMSTOP (the national self-exclusion ser- vice) was launched, there has been a rapid in- crease in illegally operating casinos targeting the U.K. market. The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has added more incentives to the operators of these rogue sites who now offer credit card payments (which has been banned in the U.K.), instant bank transfers and even American Express deposits! Through my affiliate site, I give visitors re- al-time information that the casinos are fully licenced by the Gambling Commission and ensure that no rogue sites are included. On your Casinoquest website you of- fer a Deposit Guarantee whereby if a player’s funds are “unjustly seized by an operator” and that player joined through any link on your website or app, you will refund the last deposit up to £500 within 28 days with “no questions asked.” Explain to us the idea behind offering such a guaran- tee and how effective you feel it has been in helping convert visitors to your site. I want everyone who visits my site to have complete faith in the casinos listed. By offering a personal guarantee the player has a point of contact if something goes wrong. It also boosts my working relationship with affiliate managers as we have more frequent contact and the chance to work together on a resolution. You have a comprehensive casino re- view section with information such as verified withdrawal times, welcome bonus offers, software providers and real-time licensing information and you promote over 300 brands and close to 100 affiliate programs. How did you build such a robust database and how effective is it for attracting visitors to your site? The entire web site and database took around a month to build and thankfully I have a small group of veri- fied players who regularly submit withdrawal times and operator feedback. How big is your operation? Do you have employees or use freelancers? At the moment I am completely on my own, but am actively advertising for a compli- ance manager to take on the web site and marketing. This will give me more time to work on upcoming projects. This aptly named affiliate has transitioned from predictingweather models on-air to leading the fight against a growing number of rouge online casinos G P W A t i m e s . o r g 52