GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 48 - December 2020

What’s your approach to SEO and drawing traffic to your sites? My ap- proach is pretty basic; keep the site fresh, active and don’t have unnecessary back end items slowing things down. I don’t spend as much time as I would like to (on SEO), but occasionally I get an idea and have to follow it through which might take a few hours at night or over the weekend to complete. I am fortunate enough to have learned things from my colleagues that have sped up progress too. How have the experiences you had or skills you developed in the fi- nance helped you as an affiliate and as a poker player? Do you hope to someday become a full-time affili- ate and leave finance? Working as a finance professional has helped me ap- preciate the importance of good record keeping and budgets. I love working with Excel and I am a big advocate of utilizing that for poker records. I have no plans to leave working in finance as I love my day-to-day job. My website will always be second to that, but it’s great to have another source of income. How much do you think being an avid poker player helps you as a poker affiliate? I know what poker players want from a site. I haven’t yet made full use of this knowledge but hopefully I will have time to in the future! When did you start playing poker? How did you learn the game? I start- ed playing when I was 18 years old with friends. The websites offered free money to register so it was risk free. I knew I was good enough to play professionally within two years as I was taking down tournaments, crushing games and earning a lot of money. It happened pretty fast but was an obvious and easy choice to pursue. How has COVID-19 affected you personally and professionally? Per- sonally, it’s been pretty good, actually. I’ve been able to be at home more and spend more time with my baby daughter. The time you save in traveling to and from work is certainly highlighted when you’re remote working and clock off and go downstairs to your family. It says on your website that you have “over $700k in online MTT cashes (including a final table in the Sunday Million)” and “undocument- ed success in live cash games.” Do you prefer online poker or live poker? Why? I always preferred live poker as it’s more interactive and per- sonal. Poker is a people game and this is amplified in live poker when you can see and talk to your opponents. Online poker is fun and so convenient, but I enjoy live poker more. What would be your advice to some- one who is thinking about making the jump from recreational player to professional? Give it a lot of thought and don’t go into it lightly. Have a lot of data behind you and a backup plan too. Poker is very beatable but it’s tougher now than it was a decade ago. It’s not just a question of whether you can make money but asking yourself are the risks and costs worth the I love writing and think it’s a great tool to promotemy site and increase traffic . I can reach an audience that may not have even been thinking about poker training but nowmight consider it. The content onmy blog is a way of showcasing some of the poker knowledge I have and a big USP to potential customers . 57 G P W A t i m e s . o r g