GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 48 - December 2020

GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES Narciso B. - Tex Holdem Questions You have a long background in both finance and as a professional poker player. Please tell us how you be- came an iGaming affiliate. Working for a digital marketing agency, we had a training workshop where we could cre- ate our own websites. I took advantage of the offer, even though I work in finance (Laughs). I decided to use my knowledge and experience as a professional poker player to create a poker training website. The idea was to cater to low- to mid-stakes players looking to develop and earn. After establishing the website in this niche, it seemed natural to move to be an affiliate, too. Becoming an iGaming affiliate has only developed in the last year, so it’s still pretty new to me. is a combination of poker training site and poker affiliate site. Which one brings in more revenue for you and how much of a crossover do you get from visitors who are looking for pok- er training and then ultimately end up depositing to one of your affiliat- ed sites? Poker training brings in more revenue. It was the sole purpose of the site whereas poker affiliate was an afterthought and newer venture. Most poker players who look for poker training are already registered on the sites I promote so there is very little crossover at the moment. I hope that poker affiliate brings in more revenue than poker training in the future though. You work with a very limited number of poker sites. Is this by design? Have you thought about trying to promote other verticals, such as online casinos or sports betting? To be honest, it’s largely due to time. My website is a part-time project and to pro- duce reviews and push poker sites is a time-consuming exercise. I have dabbled in pushing a few of the “middle” sites, with less success so I guess it’s by design now that I am working with a few. When I have the time and resources, I may promote other poker sites that I endorse myself, and potentially diversify into casinos or sports betting too. You are very active on your poker blog. Have you always liked writ- ing? How important is your original content to the success of your site? I am not usually into New Year resolu- tions, but I set several goals in late 2019 for my website. One of which was to write at least six articles a month. I am pleased to say I’ve met and exceeded that target. I love writing and think it’s a great tool to promote my site and increase traffic. I can reach an audience that may not have even been thinking about poker training but now might consider it. The content on my blog is a way of showcasing some of the poker knowledge I have and a big USP (unique selling proposition) to potential customers. If they find the content unique, enjoyable and learn something, they are more inclined to return in the future and invest in training. and coaching . While he has no plans to leave his full-time gig in the financeworld , this part-time affiliate is fuelled by his passion for poker , writing G P W A t i m e s . o r g 56