GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 48 - December 2020

our place to decide which currencies are the best to use. We lea ve that entirely up to our players and the feedback they have given u s. Over the last six years, Bitcasino has seen an increas e of players by over 600%, and the number of casin o games available has grown five times to more tha n 2,000. What have been some of the keys to succes s, aside from being a crypto casino? Offering a secure an d transparent way of handling players’ money is just one part of our success. It couldn’t have been possible without also puttin g our players at the center of all our decisions. We have one of th e best game selections in the industry, we have pioneered when it comes to our move away from industry standard deposit bonus es to our custom made loyalty program, and innovated certa in areas such as our live dealer selections. All of these things ha ve been key in establishing ourselves as the crypto gaming leade rs. What do you most like about the iGaming industry ? What do you dislike or what bothers you most abou t the industry? I like the ever-changing nature of it. I thin k agility in the field is what keeps us ahead of the game, so to speak. As an affiliate manager, I like exploring new channe ls, and finding new marketing opportunities or trends. As f or something I’d like to see change, it is still a very male-dom i- nated industry but it has gotten better and it is good to see th at there are some strong female role models emerging. I thin k it brings a lot of value in terms of how the iGaming indust ry can be portrayed. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Bitcasino ? The hardest part was being away from the team, which w as essential for safety. However, we adapted incredibly well bo th in our teams as well as the business as a whole. Bitcasino w as not affected by the pandemic, however, you will see that w e put in efforts to help those who were. We participated in man y fundraising activities, which kept us motivated througho ut the lockdown. What would be your advice to an iGaming affiliate ju st getting started in the business? Be agile and ready f or change. The affiliates who are ready to adapt as the mark et develops and expands will reap the biggest benefits. My advi ce would be to simply own whatever you’re doing and never u n- i t ensures there were no trickery or scams happening behind the s cenes. This is something that you cannot say for traditional casi- nos that use third parties paying out to your debit or credit card. How has crypto gaming changed since you came on board at Bitcasino and what does the future hold f or crypto gaming? It has certainly reached a point where c rypto has gained the trust and confidence it deserves from the i Gaming industry. For a long time, it was seen as a gray area, but over time, we have been successful in showing people t he benefits it brings. What does the future hold? Well, we b elieve crypto gaming IS the future. We have full confidence i t will take off even more, as the possibilities are pretty much l imitless. We look forward to the ride and we’ll see what other i nnovations it will bring. I n April, Bitcasino began accepting Ripple payments, the f ifth cryptocurrency introduced to its players, following TRON (TRX), which was integrated in late 2019, Ethere- um, Litecoin and Bitcoin. Please tell us more about the process of adding new cryptocurrencies and the decision behind offering a variety of different options? Each currency c omes with their own tribe of followers. Many crypto enthusiasts have their own strong opinions on which currency they prefer, and e ven among our own leaders there are different perspectives. It’s not For affiliates, stepping into theworld of crypto is certainly a wise step . Crypt o players tend tohave muchhigher lifetim e value due to being amarket that has grown froma rather niche community . 6 3 G P W A t i m e s . o r g