GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 49 - April 2021

To call the three iGaming affiliates we sat down with for this issue “interesting” would be doing the trio an injustice. Aside from their years of experience as iGaming webmasters and the nuggets of advice they provide, the personal backgrounds of Jason, Oleksii and Andrew are beyond compelling, and include photographing LEGOs, a stint as a professional gambler, reading at least one book every week, and a previous life as a Geochemistry PhD. Intrigued yet? We hope so. And we hope you enjoy reading the stories of these three GPWA members as much as we did writing about them. GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES Jason D. - loquax Loquax launched in 1998 as a com- petition/sweepstakes/community site, and yet here you are more than 20 years later still making a living as an iGaming affiliate. Did you ever think when you started the site that it would turn into a life-long project? It’s unreal that we’re still here 23 years later. I’ve looked back on old blogs we wrote when the site reached 10 and even then we thought our time was limited. The proj- ect initially started as a way to learn about websites and the internet, not to become something this long term. When it started to attract users, we thought it’d have a few years lifespan, but it’s kept ticking along. We’re just thankful that it’s worked out as it has and try to continue to enjoy the trials and tribulations this journey brings. I think we’ve survived because we’ve kept ourselves grounded. When things started going well, we didn’t look to expand, bring in lots of people, open an office, etc. We were Still cranking aftermore than two decades in the affiliate business, this former chemist and current workout warrior continues to evolve , adapt and prosper Standing the Test of Time Online gambling image photo by Dana.S/Shutterstock G P W A t i m e s . o r g 44